Excuses, excuses

Posted by caroline in Family, Knitting, Weaving on February 7th, 2012

rug1I said that the skunk tail yarn would have to wait its turn on the loom because there were two warps in the queue ahead of it. Well now there are two warps in a queue behind it. The rug crashed the queue because it is my mother’s birthday today so last week the rug had to be wound, woven and washed. I was a bit worried about how I’d get it dry but putting it in a spot of sun on top of three towels did the trick. Once it stopped dripping I stuck it on a radiator, I know that is near the top of the list of “things you should not do with wool” but I needed it to be dry to a deadline and hanging it outside isn’t an option just at the moment.

dogrug2I was aiming for 20″ by 50″ and what I got was 19.5″ by 49″. I’ll take that as a win although it was somewhat of a fluke, the reality is that I had to stop when I did because I ran out of yarn. It was a good job that I’d spun all the fibre I had rather than trying to calculate how much I needed because I would have got that badly wrong and ended up with a tablemat. The dog identified it as a rug and moved in as soon as it was nearly dry. He’s usually good about woollies on the floor and will sit carefully next to them withour touching them (at least while I’m watching him) but with this he didn’t even look at me to see whether he was being naughty or not.

2pieceback2The small sweater is nearly finished, I’ve been saying that for days but surely this time I must be right rather than delusional. I knit and knit and measure and then I knit some more. I have achieved a back to go along with the two sleeves so there’s only the fronts left.  I think I’ll have enough wool to finish it and I think I’ll finish today but then I thought that on Saturday as well. My excuse here is that a 25″ chest is bigger than I thought it was. It’s fairly obvious that it’s going to be a foot wide on the back and a foot wide on the front but for some reason that was lost on me and I was imagining a little something that would just drop off the needles while simultaneously using up the sock leftovers.

ninjaI’ve recently bought food colouring in various shades, edible glitter, sugar strands, jelly slices and my shopping list usually includes butter, eggs, flour, sugar and chocolate chips. These are all signs that there is a junior baker in the house. I thought that I had a wide and varied selection of cookie cutters but now that there are two of us baking it seems that my cutters just don’t cut it. My excuse for buying the ninjabread men set is that they aren’t for me, they are for my son to use. (He didn’t see me make the ninja sheep from the leftovers which lead to a priceless moment when he was packing them away)

dustycowThe swish Kenwood mixer we recently bought (standard justifications one and two – it’s for my son to use and it was on sale) came without a dust cover. It’s a funny shape because it has a bowl and splatter guard that stick out but it turns out that it is exactly the right size to cover with a width of fabric, selvedges together. It needs another tuck at the top right to eliminate that flappy bit and make it fit but it’s close to fitting now and it makes me smile when I walk into the kitchen. I am glad that back when I was a quilter that I always prewashed my fabric because I know that this will still fit after washing again.

That should be a sign that I’ve dusted the sewing machine off, replaced the needle I broke making cushion covers before Christmas and started some sewing. rlapbag2The laptop bag I made before I started on the silly moos is currently out of the country being pushed into bags, packed and unpacked so by next week I’ll have the results of the user testing and I’ll be able to say whether the closure I came up with at the last minute is any good or not. I hope it is because I don’t like Velcro on woollens, even if it is the no snag sort, and there are times when a magnetic catch won’t do.