Small knitting finishes faster

Posted by caroline in Knitting on February 18th, 2012

drops1Please may I have a roll of drums and a cheer for a finally finished sweater. I was delusional when I set off with this, I wanted to knit a large size because I had a lot of leftovers but for some reason it never clicked that this meant it would take longer to knit. In my mind it was a baby sweater that just used up a bit more yarn. This is a free pattern, I knitted it as Drops B20-15 but I’ve seen the sweater as part of other Drops sets. The front is mitred but that is the only thing it has in common with the baby surprise jacket, this is knitted in two pieces from the cuffs and seamed at centre back. The back isn’t mitred so there’s nothing to match at the side seams, all the fun is in the front. I was aiming for the 12/18m size (25″ chest) but as I was knitting at 7 spi rather than the 6 the pattern calls for I used the lengths for this size and the stitch count for one of the larger sizes and if I hadn’t already thrown the pattern I might be able to say now which one it was. I don’t like sock yarn at six spi, before now I’ve knitted it on bigger needles to get the right tension and the resulting fabric was to my eye loose and floppy.

dropsbackThe pattern would have you knit two pieces the same and assemble them with one piece inside out, seaming it at the centre back. Nope, not doing that. If I’ve taken the trouble to make two matching pieces then they’ll match, I’m not having one showing the right side and one the wrong side. Garter is the same on both sides right up to the point when you start changing colours, which is not so much of an issue if you knitted it in self patterning sock yarn as the pattern was written for. My colours didn’t change randomly, I changed at the start of the right side and as a result the two sides are different. I made two mirrored pieces and grafted them at centre back. I ignored all the instructions about buttonholes and buttonbands and did my usual two row edging, incorporating four buttonholes as I went around. As usual the buttonholes are on the second side that I worked, I’d passed the back of the neck before I remembered that I was supposed to be putting some in.

drops2It was a close run thing on the yarn, I ran out of the Regia with the blue in and had precious little left of the other three yarns but managed to finish the edging with yards to spare. Would I knit another? I might but not in this size. It was monumentally boring, the only interesting bit was the mitre on the fronts and that wasn’t enough to keep me motivated. It’s kept me quiet in the evenings for a few weeks and used up a chunk of sock yarn (172g for anyone who is counting) and I’ll have no trouble getting rid of it but I have no desire to immediately cast on for another.

portlandlace1As an aside, here is the finished Portland shawl. In contrast to the never ending baby junior sweater this seems to have knitted itself. I’ve taken this from fleece to finished object, it’s been cheap entertainment given that I’ve scoured it, combed it, spun it, dyed it and then knitted it. I’ve taken seven photos of it and they are all crummy as it’s grey and on the verge of rain. If you click on the photo you will be able to see the beads or there again maybe you won’t. There was a bit of yarn left but not enough to squeeze out another repeat. I know this because I tried and had to pull it back.

babystripesAll evidence points to me having set off on a garter stripe kick. I have a dream of knitting my way through the bag of leftover sock yarn, I know I’ll never do it because there’s just so much of it and at some point I’ll give it up and wander off to something else. At the moment I’m poking through the bag pulling out yarns that work together with plans for an endless succession of baby jackets.