Half term strikes

Posted by caroline in Knitting, lace, socks, Weaving on October 31st, 2012

The navy yarn arrived and proved to be the perfect colour. I managed to get it measured out, tied on and beamed just in time for everything to stop for half term. I’m sure that the actual weaving will go fast enough once I get to it but that might not be until next week. Until then I get to admire it every time I walk past the loom and imagine what it will look like as cloth. I have a suspicion that there will be navy stripes.

This was the fibre the last time I showed it. I don’t have a photo of the resulting yarn but it looked just the same as all the other skeins of this that I’ve spun, it makes two skeins that start off dark at one end and slowly change to white at the other. When I spun this for the first time I wondered what it would look like woven but I’ve kept selling the yarn without finding out. I needed something to do at the weekend while sitting around at a craft fair so I warped the rigid heddle loom with one skein and used the other as weft. Another time I’ll take a second warp with me because I’d finished the scarf with three hours still left in the day. Fortunately this was not a major cause for panic as I’d taken a ball of sock yarn and a set of needles with me just in case. It’s not just Scouts who are well prepared.

The scarf runs light to dark across the width and light to dark along the length and I quite like it. It’s only “quite like it” rather than “love it beyond reason” because half way through I started wondering what it would have looked like paired with burnt orange or red in a log cabin pattern. The colour change in the yarn would need to take place in half the length but that’s not difficult to achieve. It is lovely and soft, snuggly and woolly and I’m glad that I took the time to find out what the yarn would look like. The photo on the right shows both ends side by side with the white edge of each running down the centre. You can see the effect of changing the colour of the weft, the left side has the light end of the yarn and the right side has the darker end.

I finished my socks but failed to take a photo before they went into service. They’re not my favourite colours but they are keeping my feet warm and stopping my shoes rubbing on my heels so therefore they are perfect. The next ball out of the sock yarn drawer was the emergency reserve that went with me to the craft fair and is very much more upmarket.  It’s Maple Creek Farms Annapolis (75% merino, 20% nylon, 5% metallic) in “Boot Camp” which is a mixture of dark greens and browns with lots of glittery flecks that are showing nicely in the photo. Even though these would be a perfect match for these trousers they aren’t for me. These are for bigger feet than mine although exactly which pair of feet I haven’t decided yet. Both residents with 72 stitch feet have recent offences of putting handknitted socks into the wash as singles rather than pairs and it’s that sort of transgression that determines who goes to the back of the handknit queue (that and having feet that are growing by the week)

This was a collaborative project seeing as it is half term and we had a spot of free time in between homework, more homework and Minecraft. Dan chose the design, I drew it on the pumpkins and we carved one each. I did the debraining which is a first because in previous years I’ve not been able to grip the ice cream scoop well enough to cut into the flesh. I was proud of myself for that – I know that it’s not a mighty achievement in the grand scale of things but it felt good to me. Mine is the one with the eyebrows, the small one had much thinner skin and eyebrows were a high risk move. Halloween proved to be a wash out, it started to rain heavily just after 6pm and that was an end to the trick or treaters. I’m not complaining as there are are an awful lot of people who will be spending Halloween flooded with no gas, electric or phone service and trees on their houses. I am thankful that all I’m left with is a few unopened bags of treats.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    I wore my ‘graduated’ scarf for the first time last week as I was back in the UK (still too warm for scarves here!), and it drew many admiring comments. So simple, yet so effective.

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