Knitting, blah

Posted by caroline in Knitting, lace, socks, Spinning on June 3rd, 2008

Two posts in two days – it must be raining. I’m excused allotment duty today as it has rained steadily all day (and all night too for all I know)

Swirl sockI ripped the grey sock with blocks. It kept me amused on holiday so it had some value but it didn’t have a future. This sock doesn’t have a future either, as soon as I press “publish” it will be off the needles and back into the yarn drawer. It is a variant on the “Swirl socks ” pattern, reworked for 68 stitches and different to the original as I was paying too much attention to the tv. It is an easy pattern to work (click for the big photo) and I love the way that it breaks up the colour banding but the sock as a whole I do not love.

Shetland Garden shawlI’d like to say that is all of my recent false starts but it doesn’t come close. I’ve made the Shetland Garden shawl before and it is a interesting pattern to knit. The centre part has a different repeat to the body of the shawl and watching the patterns drift outwards is entertaining. I gave the last one away and I always said that I’d knit it again. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Merino lace, originally in the Blueberry Hill colourway but overdyed in navy. It was one of my early purchases, made before I discovered that variegated yarn with a big contrast will obscure a pattern. I didn’t get very far before I ran out of steam, I love the pattern but the yarn was just ok. There’s too much knitting in a shawl to be spending every stitch wishing for nicer yarn so that’s gone back in the yarn drawer too.

subtle or plainI’m hoping that this isn’t a disappointment too. This is a merino, angora silk and cashmere blend and I was planning on a subtle variegation in the finished yarn (which is blue rather than the grey that I’m looking at in this photo). I have a suspicion that (yet again) I’ve overshot “subtle” and gone right through into “so plain it wasn’t worth the effort”. I could link to all the previous times that I’ve done this but then we’d be here all day. I’m expecting to get decent yardage out of this because it has taken me an age to spin the first half. The second bobbin will have to wait now, the alpaca is dry and I’d like to get that finished up this week. It’s big thick yarn, about to get even thicker and it should zip along. I just wish my knitting was zipping along too, forwards rather than in reverse.

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  1. Clarabelle says:

    I started some lace yesterday (and yes, it was raining) and then ripped it back as something just wasn’t right.

    I’m leaving the lace alone for now (probably a few days!) and concentrating on mindless stocking stitch. It’s definitely this weather (and yes, it’s raining still…).

  2. Laurie says:

    I think you need a shot of mojo.

  3. Mark says:

    Mark & Amanda
    x x

  4. carolyn says:

    It’s frustrating when the knitting just doesn’t flow, for whatever reason, isn’t it? I used to avoid ripping at all costs but eventually learned it’s the only thing to do. If it’s not working, my shoving it into the back of the cupboard isn’t going to help! For every yarn there is a pattern (so they say)….

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