Never have I ever

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, lace, sweaters on October 29th, 2013

Never have I ever managed to stick with it and finish something that I disliked so much. Usually when I’m not feeling the love for a project I rip it and start over because knitting is supposed to be fun and not a chore. Those scraps that I picked out because they worked so well together turned out not to make a good team after all. I decided to overdye the finished item with brown which would mute the white and tone down the bright green but that was before I needed something to do at 3am when I sewed the seams up out of boredom. Now I’ve got those two tubes I think I have less chance of dyeing it to my satisfaction than I had when the sleeves were all open and floppy. I’ll pack it away and see if six months apart makes me dislike it any less, otherwise it may have a swish in a dye bath after all. There are no buttons and it’s not been blocked because if I’m going to dye it then doing either is a waste of time

Never have I ever finished a shawl knitted from the bottom up. I started one once, a Maplewing, but I wasn’t convinced that it was going to finish to the size I wanted and I ripped that after a few inches. With top down designs it’s easy to get the size exactly right, you just stop knitting when it’s big enough but by knitting bottom up the final size is determined with that first row. I’m not worried with the sizing on this one (Faberge) because many of the finished items I looked at seemed to have a theme of “smaller than I expected” and that’s good for me. What I want is something that will fill in the neck of sweaters that have a low neck so smallish would suit me nicely. At the moment my rows are 440+ stitches long and mindless beyond belief so it’s going to take me a few evenings to get through this part. That’s good because the beads for the next section are still in the post, I could even have time to buy a second bag of beads when the first ones turn out to be exactly the wrong shade of brown. My previous bead buying experiences tell me that I’m successful in matching beads to yarn through the computer screen only about half of the time. It’s possible to go wrong in either direction by buying beads that match so well that there’s no point using them or getting ones that fail to work with the yarn at all. Only time will tell.


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  1. Carolyn Gowen says:

    Fingers crossed the beads will suit – not actually being able to see what you’re buying is admittedly one of the (relatively few) downsides to online shopping ;0

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