The road to recovery

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, socks, Spinning on February 21st, 2014

I’m really stretched for something positive to say although “I am not flooded” seems to be a good start. I’d like to wipe the last few weeks from my memory, I’ve been ill enough to be happy to spend my days flat out on the settee watching whatever drivel pops up on the television. There’s been no end to the sore throat, coughing and crackling chest. I’ve been too sick to knit and I reached a new low of being too sick for tea. All in all it has not been a fun February and I can’t wait to turn the page on the calendar and declare it to be March.

The antibiotics appear to be nailing my chest infection so I’m feeling a lot better. I’m not yet ready for the level of thought required to match yarn to pattern but I can cope with round and round mindless sock knitting. The black and bright pair are for my son as they meet school uniform requirements, they’re shown below non-black trousers as it’s half term here this week. (I’m keeping on looking for the positives, so I’ll say that half term has been a major win as the neighbouring school authorities have half term next week and everywhere is deserted. Cinema for seven please) I ended up knitting four heels because on two of them I managed to drop an edge stitch early in the flap and didn’t discover it until I was a stitch short after turning the heel. After all the ripping it’s a surprise that they managed to make it to the toes. The very bright pair are for my husband who in the last three weeks has not once complained about me coughing in the night time and has been cooking, ironing, shopping and covering all those other jobs that I haven’t been doing. It’s more than likely that the leftovers from these will go into the next pair of child socks because it certainly meets the requirement of “bright”. The flash has changed the colours a little but I’m not sure that it’s making them brighter than they really are. A closer look would show how much better I’m feeling because the broken rib requires me to count to two and I’m managing to keep on top of that. I’m not ready for Sirdal yet, that needs me to follow a pattern and increase every X rows and that’s still too much to even think about.

I bought a sweater’s worth of Shetland this week (another sign that I’m feeling better), it was cheap and my Celtic Dreams won’t last forever especially as I’m wearing it all day, every day. The bags of wool are currently packed away until I get back to being fully functional because there are plenty of ways I can fail in making a fitting sweater from a heap of wool. I need to check that I have enough of it and then find the sample that I made for Celtic Dreams because that will be a good starting point for the yarn that I need. I’m pretty sure that I can put my hand on the sample right away, I’m also fairly sure what I’m going to knit – top down, saddle shoulder, cables but with a higher neckline than Celtic Dreams so I don’t need to work at keeping my neck warm.

The laptop bag is now properly finished because I found the magnetic clasps. They were in my handbag and must have been there for months. I can just about recreate a scenario where I took the clasps out to show someone and dropped them back into my handbag planning to put them away later so it nearly makes sense and I don’t need to fall back on my usual explanation for the inexplicable (alien abduction). I need to make a matching phone case but I only seem to think about this when the phone is out of the house so that might take a while despite only being a ten minute job.


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  1. Carolyn says:

    Too ill for tea??? Oh dear, that sounds like intensive care territory ;0. Glad to hear you’re feeling better (and not flooded!)

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