Seamless knitting

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, Spinning, sweaters on March 18th, 2014

Sirdal is showing signs of progress. I sewed down the centre of the body and cut it to open up the tube and I now have something that more closely resembles a cardigan than a sweater. You do need to use your imagination, the continued lack of armholes and shoulder seams is holding it back from being a recognisable garment. The front cut was easy, it runs from top to bottom so it’s hard to get it wrong but I was less confident about cutting for the sleeves. I marked the vertical line as I was knitting, that’s what the two orange threads are doing there, but the thing I wasn’t certain of was the length of the cut. That has to be measured after the sleeves are finished and pressed because, obviously, the slits in the body need to be the same size as the sleeves that are going into them. I could have cut them both based on the sleeve that I’d finished but I was a bit uneasy about that just in case I’d managed to produce two sleeves that were cousins rather than twins. There’s no earthly reason why they should be different sizes, they were knitted with the same yarn, the same needles and only a week or so apart but even so I still wanted to wait for the second sleeve.

I have twin sleeves now but I’m still working up to cutting the body. I have plenty to be getting on with, facings to sew (the one on the left is done), ends to weave in and of course there’s plenty of other knitting that I can be doing while I’m ignoring Sirdal. I’ve nearly worked my way around to the second front of the DROPS cardigan, after the body is finished the neckline is raised with a few rows that are picked up and knitted but even so this is nearly finished. There looks as if there will be a lot of yarn left over, not surprising as I started with 120g, and although there won’t be enough on its own to make a second one there will be enough to go with the pink oddments I already have to make another.

I’ve started my sweater. I’m not thinking about how many bobbins I’ll need to fill, I’ll start with five and then begin plying. I know that I’m supposed to spin all the single before I start to ply but I’m not going to. This isn’t the first sweater I’ve spun the yarn for and I managed to remain consistent throughout the other three so I’m not worried about my first skein being different from my fourth. The fibre contains chaff and a few lumps and bumps so the yarn will too, it’s going to make a yarn with some character (=chaff, lumps and bumps). Making it a four ply should even it out somewhat, you’ve got to be really unlucky to hit a lump on all four plies at the same time. I’m having a rethink on the pattern, maybe by the next post I’ll have made my mind up.

It’s that time of year again, Peregrine Cam is up and running and George and Mildred have been inspecting whether the accommodation is up to scratch. I managed to see a bird today, for the last few weeks I pop over to see an empty box and gravel.



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  1. laura says:

    I’ve not spun in ages. My wheel is still put up from moving. I keep thinking I should get it out and set it up in the living room, but shmoo hates having it there, which means I need to get the craft room sorted so I can set it up there.

    The fiber I left off on are those to mixed bumps I got from you last year!

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