Downhill to the very long weekend

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, sewing, Spinning, sweaters on April 6th, 2014

We’re racing towards a two week Easter break. It can’t come too quickly for me, it’s been an interesting few weeks at school and the child has been here, there and everywhere. I have nightmares about not keeping on top of the changes in the school day and not being there to pick him up from wherever at whenever. I need either a return to the normal boring timetable or a break from it altogether. As the school holidays are just around the corner that means that it’s the end of Saturday morning music school for a few weeks. This week I managed to get both sleeves sewn in and the facings sewn down, I would have made a better job of it had I thought to take scissors, the slit I’d cut for the sleeve could have done with being a fraction longer and pins would have helped too. The whole point about music centre knitting is that it avoids procrastination, I have to stick with what I take with me because there is no alternative so I finish it rather than waiting for later when I might be able to do it better (or more likely, not at all). I like the finish of the facing, when you get to the top of the sleeve you end with a few rows of reverse stockinette. You sew the last stockinette row to the body, leaving the purl bit to fall to the inside of the seam. When you’ve finished sewing the sleeve seam you turn to the inside and sew the top of the sleeve over the cut edge of the body. Yes, action shots would have been nice but my camera doesn’t go with me on Saturday mornings.

I still have the buttonhole band to pick up and knit but as that is knitting rather than sewing there’s a chance that it might get done, especially as the second set of buttons look more or less exactly as I’d wanted. I thought that they might be too big but they fit the buttonholes on the sleeve cuff which are the only ones that I have at the moment. I bought them by the simple route of going to Etsy and searching for metal buttons from sellers in the UK. These are old buttons, they are much heavier than anything I’ve bought recently and even including the postage they were about the same price as the rather naff ones that I bought locally. I liked them so much that I went back and bought the second set that the vendor had for sale.

I’m on my fourth bobbin of Shetland, I spent an hour plying up random leftovers to free up all of my bobbins so I have no excuse for not filling them all before I start to ply. (I’m sure I can come up with an excuse if I want one) I replaced the dodgy drivebelt with Pony bead lacing as I couldn’t bring myself to pay £10 for a piece of plastic. I’ll hold off telling the world what I think about it until I’ve made my mind up, the lime green bits are what I’ve cut out of it this week. It’s nice and grippy but at the moment it’s too stretchy, I’m hoping that it will find its happy place and find a length that it’s comfortable at. It’s going to have plenty of time to sort itself out as I think there’s enough wool to fill twelve bobbins (not that I have twelve even now I’ve pulled all of them together)

The shirt is finished, washed, ironed and in the wardrobe. I don’t remember ever making a cuff but it looks like a small waistband and I’ve done those before. The buttonholes were straightforward enough as I did all the learning with the last shirt, this time I marked where the machine foot needed to be rather than where the hole needed to be because the edge of the foot is visible while the fabric under it isn’t. Sleeve plackets were new to me, on this pattern there’s only a placket on one side and the other side is finished with a small hem. The instructions have you reinforce the button with some spare fabric on the back because otherwise you’re sewing it onto a single thickness of fabric. Another time I think I’d make a placket on both sides as this is what all the other shirts in his wardrobe have. According to multiple sewing blogs this is easy enough to do as you start with rectangles of fabric so the lack of a pattern piece isn’t a problem. I have promised another shirt, not white thankfully, so I will have something to experiment with.

What I could do with this week is a good drying day as I’d like to dye this little lot. This is a sweater’s worth of aran wool that’s been lurking in the bottom of my wardrobe for a while. It’s been pretending to be a sweater but as I haven’t worn it since I finished Celtic Dreams it wasn’t so much a sweater as a waste of space. This was previously Rogue, I didn’t wear it as much as I thought I would because of the hood. I couldn’t wear it under a coat which meant a change of sweater when I stepped out of the door. When you know you’ll be out on the end of a lead at least three times in the day then it makes more sense to put on a sweater that works with a coat. The lack of wear means that the yarn is in good condition, no felting at the cuff, very few bobbles, so it would be a shame to waste it. I’m going to dye it a less plain colour and reknit it for my mother as she’s a smaller size and does wear sweaters, unlike my son who sticks them in the wardrobe and ignores them.

It’s seven years since I knitted Rogue, doesn’t time fly?


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  1. Mama says:

    I am so glad I read this blog, I will think hard about colour before miss gets out the dye bath.

  2. Carolyn says:

    That cardigan – beautiful.
    I remember when you knit Rogue ;0

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