Is it July already?

Posted by Caroline in Book making, Knitting, socks on August 17th, 2017

I can report that the cardigan has had a lot of wear even with the baggy neck that I still don’t like. It’s warm and it fits me and that is good enough. When I come to knit the cone of blue I’ll make more of an effort with the neckline. All I’ve been knitting recently is socks and I’ve reached the stage where I’m bored with them too. This is the sum total of a week’s holiday knitting and it’s even worse than it looks because when I came back I’d only knitted half of the rib. It turns out that there is less knitting time on a cruise than I expected, I took 400g of sock yarn away with me and managed half an inch of rib. It’s an unusual situation, I’m ruling that these will be holiday socks as the yarn went to Norway and back and if these are holiday socks then the rest of the yarn qualifies for holiday socks too.

So where have I been since March? I’ve been at the gym for three hours a week, I’ve been spending at least four hours a week learning Norwegian,  I’ve been making yoghurt every week, the child had a few weeks of exams which always throws my routine and we went on a cruise which needed a ridiculous amount of planning as we’ve never done it before. Oh how they mocked my packing of magnets. Oh how they ate their words when I pinned the daily newsletter to the wall. In addition to this my access to the internet has been hit and miss for months and now I’m at the stage where  my laptop has turned its nose up at wireless internet altogether and has started becoming sniffy about being fastened to the router with a wire. It’s been easy to put off updating the blog until some other time, I started writing this in July and now it’s the middle of August.

I had a request to make River’s journal less authentic and more user friendly by switching out the expensive hand torn thick paper for plain old lined paper. It’s his book and he can have what he wants even if it is wrong. I bought a few exercise books and cut them to size, sewed them into a block that was the right thickness for the existing cover, pasted a bit of cheesecloth onto the spine, cut out the old block, pasted in the new block and replaced the endpapers. Job done, teen pleased. I did toy with the idea of starting from scratch with new covers and making a better job of it but when I finished making this I put the leftover blue leather in a safe place and as usual it’s so safe that I can’t find it now that I want it again.

I was making socks in my last post (oh, what a surprise) and I did finish all of them by the birthday deadlines. I’d like to say that they have all been in wear for months but I’ve just found the black striped pair at the bottom of the knitting bag. Rather like updating the blog, that’s a job that has needed doing for a long time but I just couldn’t be bothered. Unlike the blog when it is ignored for too long yarn starts falling out of the top and rolling under the coffee table. I was wondering what there was in it and was surprised to find two and two half pairs of socks as well as the multiple bags of yarn that I was expecting. There I was thinking I would have to have a Cinderella moment to work out whose feet it was I was aiming these at and it turns out that the blog knew all about it. If only I had told it where I had stashed the Tardis-blue leather.

I’ve lost 27% of my body weight and as a result I’ve lost a lot of my wardrobe too. I don’t mind replacing t shirts as they usually only last a summer until I accidentally bleach them but other than that I don’t want to buy for this summer and then find that (hopefully) things are too big for me next summer. I made one simple blouse come t shirt and then used that pattern to take in some shirts. The shirts cost me less than it would have been to buy the fabric and the majority of the sewing work has been done for me because I’m keeping the hems, collar and front facings. They fasten on the wrong side but as I can get them on and off over my head I don’t much care. I keep taking the odd item to the charity shop while I dither on a hanger by hanger basis as to whether I should get rid or make smaller. Like updating the blog and tidying the yarn basket it’s another job that is easier to put off for another day.



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  1. Carolyn Gowen says:

    Good to hear from you! Is that me who commented on that River Journal link?
    Well done on the weight loss, that’s very impressive. Result of the gym time clearly but what else has helped? After spending years running miles every week I’ve recently added strength work to my routine (those bingo wings don’t respond to running, funnily enough ;0)
    Did you learn Norwegian simply because of the cruise?

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