Weave faster, the stash is catching up

Posted by Caroline in doubleweave, Stashbash, Weaving on August 26th, 2018

Results day has been and gone, the teen will be going away to where he wanted to go and he has been allocated perfectly lovely accommodation at a standard of luxury that was unknown when I went away mumblemumble years ago.  His room is ensuite with a small double bed, the one size that I don’t have fitted sheets for. The bed has been my area of interest because depending on which of his accommodation preferences he got he could have had a single bed, a small double or a double. The eighteen inch difference in width is significant if you are aiming to make something to cover it. I now know what I’m aiming at and his throw is third in the queue for the loom.

This is blanket number one, the sample (as usual, click on the photo to see a larger one). As I didn’t know what width I wanted my plan was to weave four panels for a smaller bed or five for a wider bed. Now I know the width I want I could make four panels and just make them a bit wider. This is a sock yarn blanket and both the warp and weft came from the sock scrap bag. I’m loving it, every ball brings a different combination of colours and the balls are all small so there is always something changing. I was going to cut this in two, join the two pieces and make a lap blanket but I may put it aside for now and make more later to end up with something bed sized. No-one needs to point out the gap in the reed, I made so many mistakes with this because I’ve not touched the loom in two years and I seem to have forgotten everything I knew. There was a threading mistake in the middle that was on the lower layer and wasn’t evident until I switched layers. I solved that with scissors and I should have resleyed but I was a few inches along by then and I couldn’t be bothered. I’ll catch it when I come to tie on the next warp.

The next warp (all plans are subject to change at a moment’s notice) will be the burgundy and gold that was in the last post and the warp after that will be a black/grey/teal combination based on the colours in this rug. I have no black yarn and I as I’d rather not dye black I bought some. I did have a cone of grey, right up to last month when I dyed it burgundy so I bought grey too. I am aware that I am congratulating myself on using up lots of tiny balls of sock yarn whilst quietly adding two huge cones of yarn to stash. Providing that I keep on weaving and don’t get diverted then there will still be more yarn leaving the house than coming in. The stash will be providing the teal for the third warp, it needs skeining, scouring, dyeing and drying and that’s why this is going to be the third blanket rather than the second. I’m not sure how much of those three cones I’ll need because I need to do some serious number crunching and having seen what a mess I made of warping I’m not convinced that I’m ready for warp calculations. I know there are online calculators but I’ve always done it old school, now might be the time to let someone else check my calculations.

I’ve finished another two pairs of striped socks, they look just the same as all the others which was the point really. This month I’ve bought two cones of yarn (2.25kg), made two pairs of socks (180g) and made a felt cover for the worms (150g). If I’d been quicker sorting out the many threading mistakes I made rather than ignoring them and hoping they’d go away then I might have been weighing in a blanket this month because I can see the knots on the back beam. There are a few days left in this month but seeing as I’m writing this now I declare August to be officially over. Net yarn gain for the month is 1.920g, making the total to date 3.88kg. ETA The sample is off the loom within the month and weighs 420g. Net gain for the month is 1.5kg, total to date 4.2kg.

I’ll catch it up in September providing that I don’t buy any more yarn. When you are buying a kilo at a time a single purchase makes a significant difference.

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