Cook less, knit more

Posted by caroline in Family on February 2nd, 2007

I have a selection of non-project specific posts written just in case I hit a no-fibre day. As if. Happily they also come in for the days where you have a heavy cold and your brain is refusing to kick into gear as it’s concentrating fully on the messages from the ears, nose and throat. Eyes just aren’t getting a look in (boom, boom). I took two photos this morning (one with flash, one without so I can bring you only the best wobbly photos) before I caught on what the big red words “no card” on the camera were telling me. I saw them, I just didn’t process them. I looked at the knitting I did last night and it looks as if I’ve had a similar problem with purl stitches. I should just stick to plain socks, knit, knit, knit is about my level. As yet I haven’t hit the stage of “too sick to knit” (although I’m past “too sick to knit well or correctly”).

It is quite possible that the blog will vanish next week. This doesn’t mean that I’ve gone under with the cold it’s just that the resident IT expert will be working away from home and he usually takes the internet with him. When he’s here it works, when he’s not here it doesn’t. I am computer illiterate, if t’internet doesn’t come back after I’ve rebooted the computer and poked the firewall in the buttons then it is officially broken and will stay that way until the weekend of the 11th.

The husband loves the coffee machine and I have to admit that if it broke we’d be straight out for another one. I wouldn’t replace it like for like though because although it doesn’t widdle coffee all over the floor EVERY time I use it I still don’t entirely trust it. It will be a long while before I forget that I lost two days of spinning time when it bit my finger. My favorite gadget, the one I can’t live without, the one that saves on cooking and gains me valuable knitting time is this:

slow cooker (no, you don't say)

Many people have one stuck in the back of a cupboard but ours is in use two and three times a week thanks to the wonder recipe book “The 150 best slow cooker recipes“. The recipes serve six or eight so that means I can feed the freezer and then have two days when I don’t have to cook (thereby making more time for knitting). It doesn’t need to be stirred, checked or fussed over so there’s a few more minutes saved. They all have a section for “make ahead” so that you can do the preparation the night before and then whang the lot in the pot before you leave for work. This isn’t a problem for me, as a stay at home mummy I come back from school in a morning, pack dinner in the pot, wash up and then the day is mine (apart from the never ending vacuuming, laundry and dusting). I can’t decide which recipes we like the most, the chillis are all very good but we’ve had some lovely brisket too and the long standing favorite is the pork chops in mustard sauce.

If we lost the book, I’d buy another, if the slow cooker broke we’d have another, but bigger. Redundant slow cookers can have a new life as wool dyeing baths (constant heat, no evaporation, don’t need to watch it) so if I ever upgrade to a bigger model with an oven proof casserole I’m sure that I could find a good use for the old one. If you have one lurking in a cupboard you might like to dig it out and google “crockpot dyeing”.

We have been known to take the slow cooker on holiday with us but there again we’ve also taken the coffee machine too. Even the best self catering accommodation doesn’t come equipped with what we consider to be the essentials of daily life – a sharp knife, a decent corkscrew, the slow cooker and good coffee. (In addition I’d be looking for a pile of knitting books, a stash of good yarn and some needles but then that’s just me)

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  1. Sophie says:

    Oh dear, poor you!
    I hope you are soon feeling very much better.

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