Inching along

Posted by caroline in Weaving on March 7th, 2009

large and small knittingOne of these is growing, one is not. Common sense dictates that if all there is standing between you and a finished item is a 13 stitch buttonhole band then that’s what you concentrate on, especially when the only alternate knitting uses three balls of yarn and has 236 stitches in a row. Button bands are boring and although the rows are short they seem to take a long time to knit so the result is that the sleeve of the sweater is growing by an inch a night and the band isn’t. I’ve sewn the button band on, after all my muttering about how long that had taken I ended up with it being a good two inches too long. After I’d ripped it back, cast it off again and finished the sewing I took a good look at it, unpicked the seam, rejoined the yarn and knitted those two inches all over again. The front looked much better the second time around and after all I do so love seaming.

I’m hoping to get to the sleeve decreases on Ophelia by Tuesday. The rows are long, my attention span is short and the only thing keeping me going is that it’s a choice between this or that buttonhole band. There are advantages in being limited to two projects, neither of them is at a stage that thrills me overmuch but there’s nothing else in the bag and there won’t be until I finish something or I find myself at the end of Lent. Even the everlasting buttonhole band can’t last out until then.

scarf2There is of course some light relief from the knitting that refuses to grow. It would appear that I now have an inner weaver to go with the spinner and the knitter (it must be getting pretty crowded in my head now). It didn’t take long for her to appear, I’m just a bit annoyed that she popped up so early, telling me what to do when I know that she is just as clueless as I am. Needless to say, I didn’t listen and I now get to regret that seven times an inch for five feet. As I was warping this it occurred to me that it wasn’t a brilliant idea to have two strands of the fluffy eyelash right next to each other because they were going to want to tangle and cling. I did stop and think whether to pull it out but I left it where it was and changed the pattern across the middle section so I could see if there was a difference in how the eyelash yarn behaved. The end result has four strands of eyelash near the edge but in the middle there are single strands separated by seven strands of sensible merino. The middle section is behaving impeccably, the edges are a pig. Guess what, eyelash sticks to itself, tangles and refuses to separate. Who knew? Well I did and I should have known better.

Once I’ve finished with the exercise in humility that is the weaving of sticky warp I’ll produce the finished article for inspection. If you are on my Christmas list the chances are you’re getting a scarf or cushion cover this year and if you’re very lucky it won’t be pink and fluffy like this one.

3 Responses to “Inching along”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Your inner weaver sounds quite sensible! What weight is the merino you’re using?

  2. Tassels3 says:

    Ah but the first scarf she wove is simply beautiful

  3. marjorie says:

    Buttonbands are often FO busters for me. My red sweater is just at the stage where I have to figure out what kinds of buttonholes to do and then knit the bands. My justification for procrastination is that it is a cotton-wool mix, and “perfect” as a summer project.

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