Lesson learned

Posted by caroline in socks on April 22nd, 2009

newsockYesterday this was a longer sock. I was on the second repeat of the lace pattern when I found myself measuring how few repeats I could manage to get away with before starting the heel and stopping the pattern entirely. It doesn’t bode well does it, even if I slog through the first sock there is still the second one to come. It was an easy decision to pull the needles out and rip it back to the ribbing.

iris3It was a harder decision to make with Iris because I’d invested so much more time in it. It was the same scenario though, there was still a lot to slog through on the first half and then I had to do it all over again for the second half. iris1I love the yarn, like the pattern and the beads are ok but I just don’t have the lifestyle to sit with a crochet hook and a bag of beads. I never get into the flow of the knitting, knit, knit, fish about for a bead, knit, mess with bead, knit. If there were a few beads every eight rows or so it would be worth the interruption but as every right side row is beaded I didn’t feel like there was enough actual knitting in it. There was always something better to knit, even if there had been no other knitting in the house then there I would have found something else to do.

irisdoneIt was lovely but it was never going to get any longer. I waited until Lent was over to do the deed so that there was never the thought that I’d ripped it in order to start something new and shiny. If you knit for fun and it stops being fun then it’s time to stop the knitting. I should have done this before Christmas and then I wouldn’t have felt guilty every time I saw it in the knitting bag. My top hint is if you have to rip beaded knitting then choose a sunny day, it makes it so much easier to pick up stray beads when they are sparkling in the sun.

3 Responses to “Lesson learned”

  1. carolyn says:

    I’ve yet to be convinced by beads in knitting full stop! Sorry you’ve had a session of undoing hours of work, but as we know it’s always best in the long run to nip these things in the bud ;)

  2. clarabelle says:

    Oh, what a pity, but at the same time, I’m totally with you in that, if you’re not enjoying what you’re knitting, then what’s the point? Rip with intent, and then onwards and upwards, eh!

  3. Laurie says:

    Strong girl. I understand. Fussy fussy fussy.

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