Odds and ends

Posted by caroline in inkle, socks, Weaving on June 5th, 2009

inkle1This is the latest step in my ongoing attempt to use it up and move it out. The starting point was a bad purchase that’s been lingering in the yarn drawer. What was I thinking when I bought aran weight silk? inkle2It’s a single, would probably pill like stink and is of limited use to me. That’s no doubt why I have in in three different colours. I pretended that it was a thin roving, spun it and navajo plied it into a weight that was a good deal more useful. I broke out the inkle loom and changed it again into a braid. I did originally think that it would become a strap for a bag but I’m having second thoughts and seeing it now as the bag itself. It leads to the question of what I’d then make the strap for this from but I’ll worry about that another time.

card2card1As the inkle loom was out I thought I’d see what I could do with tablet weaving (or card weaving depending on where you live). I love the results but I’m not sold on the process and I cut the warp off rather than finish it. I found it difficult to turn the cards, maybe the holes in my home made set were too small, maybe it was the yarn, maybe you just get used to it. Maybe another time.

opalscrapThe tubular knitting from last time is now obviously a pair of socks. I snipped a thread at the centre and unpicked it until the knitting fell into two parts. Then I snipped a thread at the centre of the smaller tubes, unpicked it until I had half the stitches released and then I knitted a short row heel, grafting it to the stitches on the other side when I’d done. That’s most of the messing done with now, it’s down to the toes, up to the cuffs and then done. My verdict so far is that I wouldn’t rule out doing this again but I’d have to have a pretty good reason for creating all those ends.

tworedsI did look for some darker bfl roving to match the lot that I’d already dyed and I came up empty handed. This is a pretty close match, the fibre on the left was a humbug mix and the colours are about right but it’s overall too dark. If my next attempt doesn’t come up any better then this will do.

There may be a short blog break, we’re having a new boiler next week which will mean me clearing out the airing cupboard (for the new hot water tank) and moving furniture around upstairs (for access to the radiators which are having thermostatic valves fitted). It’s a bigger job than you might think, ideally I’d just move the furniture, vacuum a bit and call it done. Instead I’m asking myself questions along the lines of “exactly what is in that blanket box anyway?” and “do we really need this many towels?”. I’m hoping that when I’ve done I will have magically created space into which wool can be packed so it won’t be a total waste of time.

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  1. Sophie says:

    New boiler? Hmm, sounds like us about five years ago!
    Good luck- ours took up space rather than releasing any.
    I hope you display more resolve than I did in the face of a flowing tide of past-their-best towels, elderly bed- sheets and once-loved novelty face-flannels.

  2. Laurie says:

    Creating space out of nothing. Hmmm. I don’t think we are equipped.

    There is something about appliances and machines in homes that are FAR MORE difficult to replace than one would imagine. I hates it.

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