What I did in the holidays

Posted by caroline in inkle, Weaving on April 18th, 2010

yardageThese are all over 80″ long and between 11 and 14″ wide. Together they weigh over 700g so in the last two weeks I’ve used a pile of yarn roughly the size of seven balls of sock yarn. It’s not a lot but it was enough. The big bag of wool is still full but now it’s full of the stuff that was previously in little bags all over the floor. The spare bedroom looks so much better now that I can see the floor again. yardagecloseI’m right at the start of another long piece, that one should see the last of the pink/violet yarns and then I can ram the leftovers in the big black bag and ignore it for another few months. You can see that the end is in sight, this was the last of the three pieces that I made and the weft here alternates two yarns, one thick and one thin. I like the effect even though I was driven to it because I didn’t have enough of either yarn.

silksThere were two silk braids but the one on the left is presumably stuck in a big pile of post at an airport waiting for a plane. My edges are still pants but I enjoyed making them and watching the colours change. The darker silk is the yarn that was formerly Iris, there is still a lot of it left but much less than there was. I think the next couple will have the light pink as the main colour because that’s the one that I now have the most of. I know that it’s making no real impression on leftover yarn but I’m enjoying something that was previously stuck in a bag so it is still a positive move. I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve spun some more silk so I can make braids in colours other than pinks. That makes no sense at all seeing as what I’m supposed to be doing is using up not making more.

diamondThere was also knitting, the Diamond Fantasy is now at the stage where the rows seem awfully long. I have been knitting two repeats a day but now I’ve dropped down to one (ten rows). It’s very close to being finished, or rather being close to the icord bind off that goes on forever. I’ve knitted this before and I remember how long it took me last time.

planeThe reason I’ve had time to sit and weave despite it being school holidays is that this holiday turned out to be Airfix fortnight. I sit at one side of the dining table weaving while Dan sits at the other side building Spitfires. At the start of the holidays I was needed for getting the tops off the enamel paints and opening the childproof cap on the varnish. Through the week my workload dropped to being the colour consultant and wing pusher innerer and then by the end of the second week I was redundant. (The photo was taken by the model builder who doesn’t see past the planes at the front. Please try to follow his lead and ignore the general clutter, Easter eggs and dog treats)

aprbagSewing can’t be done on the dining table so this is the only new bag I have to show. This one will be going in the post tomorrow so with the fabric that I wove that probably puts my use of fabric on minus eleven this week. I’m not even pretending that I can catch that up next week but sooner or later I will do.

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  1. Carie says:

    I love those sorts of holidays – H and I spent the week of Christmas with him at one end of the table with his new paints and pastels and me at the other with my sewing and the christmas chocolates in the middle – it was perfect! Glad you had fun, and the new fabric looks wonderful

  2. carolyn says:

    Crikey do they still make Airfix? My brothers were obsessed with them but that was over 30 years ago. Glad to hear that some boys toys from that era are still popular.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Looks like you both had a great vacation! I love the color match between the bag fabric, the handles, and the button.

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