Time for a change

Posted by caroline in Knitting, Other fibre stuff, Spinning on July 13th, 2010

greenmosaicI’ve not eliminated the pile of wips but good enough will do. I managed to get the four small bobbins into one big skein, 1400 yards of skinnyish polworth. The bottom braid was dyed in beautiful British Columbia and came to me from a swap on Ravelry. I had plans for something huge and lacey, changing colour along its length. Unless I concentrate my standard skinny yarn runs around 700 yard/100g and that isn’t going to knit up huge. I got an undyed braid from the same person in a later swap, dyed that in vaguely similar colours with the aim of plying the two together to double the yardage.

mitred2I also finished up the baby jacket. This is Phazelia’s mitered baby jacket again with the same level bottom mods as last time. With this one I knitted the body before the sleeves thereby committing myself to knitting the sleeves in the round. The one good point about that is that when you reach the bottom of the sleeve you need to work each side seperately when knitting flat and if it’s in the round you don’t. Should I knit another I’d knit it flat because I dislike purling on dpns even more than sewing a seam. I think I’m done with these now, two was enough.

penpotI did slack off on Sunday and play with some silk with the able assistance of my son. penpot2We made three pieces of silk paper (aka silk fusion), two of which I let dry flat for another day’s play. This is basically papier mache using silk fibre and glue (I do have photos of the process if anyone is interested). I haven’t tried it yet but it’s supposed to soften again when wet so it can be shaped at a later date. The third piece, in teacher’s favourite colour, is now a pen pot for her desk. The jam jar gives it some stability because otherwise there is no weight to it at all. There will be some more of this coming along because I have 200g of throwster’s waste to get rid of somehow and I’m not planning on spinning it.

toddlerhellThe last piece of knitting in the pile (socks don’t count) was the toddler sundress. This is now in time out because although I’ve thrown lots of knitting time at it it is still many inches short. It’s not done but I am. If it hadn’t been in stripes I would have ripped it by now just to see it gone but I’ve plodded on (and on and on). It will lose 20% of the length in the first wash so although it looks a good length already it isn’t really. It is now going in a bag under the stairs for a month while I try to forget what it is I dislike about it.

I am now going to cast on for something fun. I’ve been a good girl and worked hard on the work in progress this week but I’m over it now.

5 Responses to “Time for a change”

  1. Laura says:

    The silk thing is really pretty.
    Is the toddler dress in that denim yarn? That’s the only thing I could think of when you said shrink in length.

    I’ve pulled off my first weaving and done a second piece with handspun and it’s BEAUTIFUL, doing the scraps into a strap now and will probably do a project bag or something with it. When I get better at my edges we might have to do a swap. :)

  2. Carie says:

    Congratulations on defeating your inner knitting police!

  3. Wheezy says:

    Lovely, lovely green!

  4. Cynthia says:

    When I saw the little picture of the sundress in bloglines I thought it was tucked! Nice effect. I hope it comes out of time out soon.

  5. Laurie says:

    I do like the yarn. Should make a nice pretty. And that jacket is wonderful. I love the bias colors.

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