The yarn made me do it

Posted by caroline in Celtic Dreams, Knitting, Spinning on October 24th, 2010

bflaranI recently bought the yarn to make a new sweater or two, it’s bfl aran and it was so cheap that it made the purchase a no-brainer. This is the same yarn that I knitted Rogue in three and a half years ago, that has bobbled a bit on the sleeves over time but it was lovely to knit and it’s washed well. I didn’t have a pattern in mind when I bought this but seeing as there was 1.6kg of it I was confident that there would be more than enough to knit anything I came across. I’d more or less decided on knitting some of it into an Elsewhere and then just had to think about what colour I’d like it to be. I’m still at that stage because that’s the point where I was hijacked by the other yarn.

falklandswatchI’ve never made a four ply yarn so it was one of the things I’d tried when I originally thought that I’d spin the yarn for the sweater. I made a three ply and a four ply and I preferred the look and feel of the one that was more work. saddleIt was clearly a total waste of effort spinning the yarn for a sweater when I’d just bought the yarn for two, all I had to do was dye it and then I was off and knitting. I don’t really have an explanation for what happened next. The swatch was on the end of the coffee table and I kept looking at that lovely round yarn, wasted on a plain swatch but so suited for cables. It was a small step to making another yarn sample and knitting a little cabled something, I liked it so much that I made another the same.

cdballoneElsewhere can wait, the two little cabled somethings turned into the saddle shoulders on Celtic Dreams (now a downloadable pattern, four years ago I had to order mine snail mail from the USA) . I knitted the front and used that as the swatch to check that it came out to the size it was supposed to. It did so now I can say with some certainty that I have started a sweater rather than knitted a big tension square. It has all the requirements for tv knitting, it’s light enough to see at night and I only need to look at the chart for the centre panel. I bought the pattern in late 2006 and decided that I couldn’t knit it to fit me. I can’t see now what I thought that the problem was, I still have the same hips but it’s not rocket science to add a few stitches where they are needed.

cdsingleI have nearly all the yarn I need, I’ll be shortening the sleeves to a length that I’ll wear and I’m kidding myself that taking a few inches out there will save enough yardage for me to be able to stop spinning now. In the real world I suspect that I’ll be needing another four bobbins full. I’ve knitted the first ball, that did the front and the back as far as the join at the underarm. I have a further thousand yards of yarn to be knitting with so I think I’ll wait until I’ve started the last ball before deciding whether I have enough. It’s a lovely colour but I’d like to spin something else now just for a change.

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  1. Carie says:

    I can see why you were powerless to resist- it’s gorgeous yarn and a lovely pattern

  2. carolyn says:

    Gosh, you have been busy while I’ve been away from your blog :)

    This is a lovely pattern – I note it has the round neck you’re not so keen on so I assume there’ll be v2 of the neckwarmer / faux polo coming into play here?

    My favourite sweater I ever knitted was a cable sweater. Unfortunately it was a man’s sweater pattern and at the time I didn’t have the nouse to narrow the sleeves for a more feminine fit, so they are a bit on the floppy side, but I still wear it as I just love the look of the all over cables. I still can’t believe I knitted it actually!

    I recently managed to get hold of some Sublime Cashmere merino Silk Aran for only £1.50 a ball. It’s sitting in my stash screaming “Knit something with cables!!” to me every now and again. I just need to find the right pattern. This might very well be it ;0

    Love the dog photo from a few posts back. Glad to hear he’s well.

  3. Cynthia says:

    Oh, lovely! I have arans on the mind right now, although I’m making a three ply. I didn’t sample with a four ply, hmmm — but I am 1000 yards into the project so no turning back.

    Is that Barbara Walker’s hartshorn cable in the center panel? That’s one of my absolute favorites. Years ago I did “something” to it to fix a fiddly bit that bothered me at the bottom, and I have been looking for my notes while thinking about including that cable in my cardigan-under-development.

    Now back to Pink.

  4. Laurie says:

    Remarkable segue into Celtic Dreams. I did not even see that coming.

    You won’t be the last for Laminaria. That would be me. And not even soon. My shawls plans for X keep getting hijacked by Y, and then before I even cast on, Z comes along.

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