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lastoneIt’s so much easier organising an egg hunt when you can be certain that it’s not going to rain. No cryptic clues or writing of code, no tortuous rhymes. I just wandered around the garden placing little eggs and chocolate coins wherever I thought they needed to be. I was particularly pleased with the two I pegged to the washing line, they lasted nearly to the end. It was surprising how unobservant the resident child is, as he is of the gaming generation I thought he’d have no trouble spotting shiny things. Maybe because it was because they don’t glow or shake when you get near them but he was walking past foil coins right in his eyeline and three inches from his nose. That’s what observant daddies are for, I sent him in as the clear up squad when it was clear that the last few weren’t going to be found. They both missed this one and I’d forgotten about it so it didn’t surface until three hours later (spotted by the previously unobservant child who’d grabbed it before I returned with the camera so I had to stage the photo)

I’ve been looking around to see what I could drag together to represent a week’s effort. The big loom weaving would probably be a teatowel now if I cut it off, my progress is either 6″ a day or nothing at all. I’m hoping to pick up the pace when school goes back next month (the week after next really). I still have several wonky threads over on the right, they’re really loose and need a piano hanging from them but I’m trying to ignore them. They’re not showing signs of going away but I’m ignoring them anyway. At the rate I’m going I’ll be finishing them somewhere around the end of May.

redbflI finished the silk brick, the second skein looked just like the first skein here, I ended up with 1,160 yards from 128g. I really enjoyed this, it’s brick for me every time now, the quality is so much higher than top. There was some colour too, this is superwash bfl, I dyed 100g in red and another 100g in red, gold and black. I took the less saturated end of each length and spun them together, 550 yards, 108g. The better, richer, more vibrant ends will either go in the shop or be swapped.

diamondsI started some smaller weaving, it went a bit wrong so this is the second version. I talked myself into believing that the multicoloured silk was the same size as the plain tencel when really it was larger. This meant that the lovely detailed pattern I’d planned went west very quickly, the larger threads (doubled, just to make things even worse) flowed across into the gaps and blurred where the dark spots should have been. It’s sad but the pretty pattern will have to wait until I have pattern threads that really are the size of the background threads. The floats on the back of this are long but as it’s going to be sewn to something the back will be protected and it doesn’t matter.

beardbThis is another beard variant (it’s a crummy photo but they’ve gone out now leaving me or the dog as possible models). It’s going to the Bearded Theory festival in a few weeks instead of my original idea of another dwarven battle bonnet. It’s been unseasonally warm here and I thought a woolly hat was a recipe for heat exhaustion. Hanging the beard from a headband will solve the problem of keeping it on, allow for the wearing of a sunhat and eliminate a lot of the warmth. Should it be snowing the wearer can stick a woolly hat over the top. There might be more braids, beads and dodads by the day, that’s an end-user defined activity.

chocballsI might be keeping a tin of condensed milk on the shelf in future, these are rather yummy and not much fuss to make. The recipe I used is here, the recipes varied in whether they include an egg yolk or not and the amount of butter. With less cooking it would make a sauce for ice cream. I also cooked another turkey joint of amazing succulence, this time I’m writing down what I did because I couldn’t find my notes from Christmas and had to make it up all over again. It was half the size of the Christmas joint, took about 1 1/2 hours to reach an internal temperature of 72 degrees in a 180 degree oven. I know you have no interest at all in this but come December when I’m trying to remember what to do I’ll have the answer written down somewhere where a search will turn it up.

fernYou can see from the first photo that the bad winter saw off my cabbage palm. I don’t feel too bad about this because everyone else has lost theirs too. The forlorn trunks can be seen in various places on our dog walk, I don’t know if people are still hoping for a miraculous recovery but I’ve tipped mine out of its pot because it is very clearly dead. I also lost the abutilon from the front of the house but everything else seems to have survived. The fuschia that I thought was dead is shooting up and the tree fern is unrolling fronds months earlier than in previous years. I was so pleased with it that I treated it to a bigger pot.

I seem to have been particularly gabby today, congratulations to all who made it this far, go make yourself a cup of tea and a chocolate ball.

5 Responses to “Done bunnying”

  1. Laura says:

    Sounds like Easter went well then :)

  2. Carie says:

    Happy Easter! And that red was from the less saturated end – wow it’s gorgeous

  3. carolyn says:

    Ok, you can’t just write a throw away line like “it’s going to the “Bearded Theory festival” without an explanation :) What on earth is that??

    Sorry to hear your abutilon didn’t survive the winter – I had a beautiful, tree sized one when we lived in Cornwall. One day I will plant one here. They grow easily (and quickly) from seed apparently, should you want to replace it (Plant World do seeds).

  4. Mark says:

    Bearded Theory is a music festival held every year in Derbyshire. Only a small event – no more than 5000 people, 6 stages, 2 bars, real ale & cider.

    They try to break the world record every year for having the most people wearing false beards in the same place at the same time.

    The beard will be my contribution to the world record attempt unless I lose it Sunday morning due to the effects of ale & cider.


  5. Laurie says:

    That beard thing is amazing. Fake beards??

    My abutilon lives in the garage in the winter. As does the colocasia…the rosemary….the mini pomegranate…my husband is a saint. He carts them in and out each year.

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