Oops (times three)

Posted by caroline in inkle, Spinning, Weaving on May 3rd, 2011

skimpyThis is the total of teatowel textile, there is enough length here for two I think. I still have to cut it apart and hem it but that’s a job for another day. It will be machine sewn, which is apparently beyond the pale for handwovens, but a hand sewn hem isn’t going to rescue it so I’m not going to spend my time on it. I cut this off because of the problems I was having with the tension on the right side of the warp. This is not the first time it’s happened, I set off well enough and then fairly quickly the right edge goes very slack with the next inch or two becoming slightly slack. It’s never the left side and it doesn’t do it on every warp. I think what’s happening is that I’m not good enough at knots. I lace the end of the warp to the front of the loom with a slick cord which is securely tied at the left, it then /\/\/\/ laces the knots on the end of the warp to the front beam and then is tied off at the right. I suspect that when I’ve put some tension on the warp the shiny cord is slipping which would affect the edge more and the inner bouts less. Now I’ve thought about it I can stop it happening again and it meant that I could cut off the length I’d woven, fasten the warp on again (securely this time) and weave off the rest.

I could have but I didn’t. I’m weaving for fun and to learn, this is no fun and it’s taught me enough already. I know to order a colour card when it matters, not to rely on other people’s calculations because they might like really narrow teatowels and not to weave yardage at 30 epi without there being some form of entertainment such as a colour change. I don’t mind spending the time if they’re going to be good but even if every pick is perfect they’ll still be the wrong colour and too narrow. It’s time to cut my losses and move on.

celtcinkleMoving swiftly along to my next mistake, you can see that there is something not right with the pattern on the left. The two lines at the top are intersecting nicely to make a chain but it should have been a three strand braid and the third strand is hanging about at the bottom. I didn’t realise that the first repeat was wrong, when the second repeat didn’t establish the pattern I assumed it was me, when the third one was wrong I started to doubt the pattern. I don’t know whether I copied the pattern down wrong or it was wrong to start with, it was quicker to find another version of it and start again rather than analyse my mistake. This is handspun silk in various weights and colours, hopefully I’m a yard or two away from having enough for a small bag. The braid would have looked better against the darker silk that I’m using for the edging but the relative weights were wrong to use the two together.

charredThis is the third whoopsie of the week and I’m glad to say that I didn’t have anything to do with this one other than I provided the means of charring the patio table. Mr W4B had a birthday this week and I bought him a fish smoker. It seemed to be the perfect boy’s toy, combining as it does both food and fire. You can work out what happened next, the table had to be extinguished with a watering can. It’s not just surface charring, those two slats are charcoal all the way through. This happened the day after we were talking about getting a smaller, lighter table that could be easily moved to follow the sun around the garden so now we will definately be getting the smaller table that we’d talked about rather than putting it off for another day.

redbfl2On a happier note, this did not burst into flames, fail to produce a pattern or have tension issues. It was briefly the wrong colour but that was quickly cured. This is two ply superwash bfl, 98g, 456 yards. At the moment I’m deciding whether to like the variation in shade or whether to show it the dye bath again.

I’m confident that next time there will be some finished socks. I have only four heels and two toes to do and how long can that take?

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  1. Christie says:

    Famous last words, haha. :). I like that shade of pink very much – what would you put in the next round of dyeing if you were to change it?

  2. Laurie says:

    Alas, guys find fire exciting no matter where it roosts. A smoker really IS a good idea. You will get a more functional table out of it, and he will have entertainment all summer.

    I guess this post is to make me happy I don’t weave?

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