And the winner is..

Posted by caroline in doubleweave, Knitting, lace, Weaving on May 15th, 2011

redrugsYou’re safe, this post has nothing at all to do with Eurovision. This should by rights be a photograph of a set of finished mug rugs. The last set flew along, this warp is the same length but progress is slow. I’m not feeling the drive to get them done firstly because I don’t have another warp wound and ready to go and also because this week I have found more entertaining things to spend my time on. Last week the doubleweave coasters were the only game in town, this week they only just managed to squeak into my top five time sucks.

bagbitsAt number four, with a solid Saturday morning of effort putting them just ahead of the coasters is the start of two bags (the colours are much richer, the flash washed them away). I know that there doesn’t look a lot of output for the effort but there was much time spent pressing and picking fabrics before I got as far as the sixteen seams. This would have been the start of three bags had some nitwit not carefully measured and then cut a piece exactly one inch shorter than needed but let’s not talk about that.

jademixedComing in at number three was an exercise in stash reduction started at the beginning of the week. jadescrapsI pulled together lots of little balls of different things that are now mostly gone. The first weft was a wool single that I dyed a greenish colour, when that ran out I switched to a turquoise bfl that I’d spun with no purpose in mind. I feel like I’ve made something out of nothing with this, I took a pile of odd bits of wool that had no purpose and made two useable lengths of fabric. If I was ranking solely in terms of time spent this should be higher up the list but it is finished now and that means that my burning love for it has faded, it can line up behind the wips.

blugreenmixedI liked that piece so much that I started another one, more odd bits of this and that in various weights and a big (150g) skein of yarn that I dyed for the weft. I like this piece even more than the last one even though I’ve had to deal with two knots in the warp that I didn’t notice when I warped the loom. The thick blue is Colinette Iona and it wants to stick to itself and everything else but it looks lovely in the fabric with its chunky bumps so I’m happy to unstick it every pick. My love for it may have diminished by next week in which case I’ll be experimenting with switching warp threads halfway through a project.

windyIn the top spot, the winner of the all consuming project of the week is a rank outsider, something that came out of nowhere. During the week I had a frantic search for an elusive skein of yarn that I was supposed to be swapping and while I hunted for that I turned up several skeins that I’d forgotten all about. This yarn is a two ply tencel (it could possibly be bamboo but I think it’s more shiney than that so I’m going with tencel) that I spun sometime or other, there’s no record of it on the blog or on Ravelry so I’m a bit vague about the timeline. When I spun it I intended to weave with it and that’s what I’ll be doing with the leftovers. I wasn’t sure what it would be like knitted, in general I’m not a lover of knitting with inelastic yarns but the colours are lovely and it’s so shiney so I gave it a try. I’m using smaller needles and I test blocked the start of the piece to avoid nasty surprises later, you might be able to see where the dark middle part is sitting flatter than the rest. The pattern is Windsbraut-Abendwind (which I think is Bride of the Wind-Evening Wind for those of us knitting in English) and you’ll be seeing it again. I’m scheduled for a spot of foster knitting and the pattern arrived in advance of the yarn. Clearly I’ve not been sidetracked by the chance finding of the pretty yarn, I’m just testing out the pattern so I don’t mess up the commission which is a sensible and mature thing to do. It’s a pity that I can’t come up with a similar rationalisation that covers cutting my handwoven fabric to the wrong length.

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  1. Laura says:

    Well, it’s all lovely, you’ve been super productive! :)

  2. Laurie says:

    The countdown was way fun! I did wince at the inch short episode.

  3. carolyn says:

    So, with weaving, it’s ok to mix yarns of different weight? Something you generally can’t do when knitting obviously. That being the case, I can see that weaving is an excellent way of using up leftovers!

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