This week’s effort

Posted by caroline in doubleweave, Knitting, lace, socks, Weaving on May 22nd, 2011

Last week I had four projects in progress so it would be reasonable to expect at least one of them to have shuffled along to completion. As it happens I do have four projects off the needles and loom but they’re not the same ones in last week’s line up because that would just be too methodical by far.

2mugrugsThis is nearly finished rather than really finished, you can see that I have some sewing and trimming to do yet. I’ll bore you with the details when they’re done but this time I managed to get twelve mug rugs from the same length as the one I previously got eleven from, I just cut the spacers slightly smaller. Faced with a choice between a slightly smaller fringe or an extra pair of mug rugs it was not a difficult decision. These will be back for their beauty shots when they’ve had a wash and trim. Don’t hold your breath.

windybThis also falls into the category of nearly finished, I cast off last night and have been waiting for it to block itself. Sadly it looks as if that isn’t going to happen and I’ll have to do it myself. I’m hoping that I feel better about it once it’s blocked, I loved it right up until the last few rows. I’m used to seeing the last few rows knitted to encourage points so that you knit a piece that wants to go up alternating with one that wants to go down. This doesn’t do that but there again now that I look at the pattern it’s not all that pointy anyway.

squarebowlLast week junior had a school trip to the coast which involved rock pools and therefore required wellies. I dug around for the perfect deep plastic bag for holding the wellies and found three balls of wool lurking in the bottom of it, two of which were attached to a lump of knitting. Once it had been shown the light of day it turned out to need under five minutes of knitting to finish it off. I do vaguely remember starting this, it was a stash buster made to use up the yarn. I don’t know how long it’s been living in the bag or why I set it aside so close to a finish. It might have another run through the washer this week, I think it’s reached the point where it won’t shrunk any further but there’s the chance that I’ll get a bit more firmness out of it. I’m looking at it and remembering how much fun it was to knit so there’s a chance that there might be a few more of these coming along shortly.

cottonsocksThese didn’t feature in last week’s line up because socks never feel like they’ve eaten much of my time. I knit them waiting for school to turn out, watching tv at night and in snatched minutes of time here and there. They never feel as if I’ve put any effort into them, I just carry them around for a month and as if by magic a pair of socks appear. These are a cotton blend for summer, DGB Confetti superwash (49% wool, 34% cotton, 16% nylon) and I had hoped to get two pairs from the three 50g balls. That’s not going to happen because I have very little yarn left over from the first pair of socks. I do have some cotton blend sock leftovers so I might be able to use the third ball to construct something wildly striped.

currentloomThe loom is currently sitting empty. I still don’t have the next warp wound because I can’t decide what to weave. There are so many things I want to do and I can only do one at a time. This week might turn out to be a spinning week, one where I sit and look at the loom and try to pick just one project to go with. I have this thought that if I took out one wide stripe from the centre I could run the two pieces together and make one wider piece. I certainly could do that but I’m not sure that I want to because I can’t think whether I have a use for a piece of fabric that wide. I could use thinner yarn but the most likely candidates for that make a piece of fabric that’s too narrow to be good for anything (and also too narrow to balance the shuttles on, I am capable of learning after all) It just seems a shame to waste the threading when I could whip along it with some knots and make something new with very little effort.

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  1. Laurie says:

    Your empty loom is full of pathos. After the triumph of identical twin socks, too.

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