Omne trium perfectum

Posted by caroline in Knitting, socks, Weaving on June 2nd, 2011

Everything that comes in three is perfect

Well maybe not perfect but with fewer wobbly bits than my usual productions.

kfinI love this, it will be perfect if it fits the intended child. Admittedly when I was working my way around with the icord I forgot to leave the gaps that would make buttonholes but I got around that with sewn loops. kclsoeThis is Baby Kendyl in the 12-18 month size (24″ chest) and I used about 70g of each of the main yarns (both handspun superwash bfl, seen previously here and here). The trim is the leftovers from the last set of mug rugs so now there is even less left over than before. I changed the neckline into a V neck and joined the two sleeves by grafting rather than with a three needle bind off. I love it so much that I’ve started another and I’ve got yarn in mind for two more although I may have had enough of them by then. I like garter and mindless knitting but my love for it is not endless.

cottonsockscThese are as perfect as they need to be, I know that they fit the recipient because I’ve seen them on feet this week. These are more cotton socks for summer in Opal cotton, the pattern wasn’t that impressive and the colours aren’t exactly me but then they aren’t mine. I did say a few weeks ago that I’d stopped knitting for the summer but clearly I haven’t done. I stopped knitting when we had a warm and sunny spell, once the weather turned cool and grey I reached for the wool again.

mixedwarpblueThe thing that’s stopping this being perfect is that it isn’t three feet longer. That’s not its fault because I changed my mind about what I wanted it to be. I planned for it to be fabric for bags but now it’s been washed I wish I had enough to cut it in half and make it into a shawl. mixedwarpcloseIt feels so soft and drapes beautifully but as a shawl it would be 26″ by 50″, too short really (I tried to convince myself that it would work but really it IS too short). The warp is a mixture of everything I had that was the right colour, Colinette Iona, handspun merino, handspun sock yarn and hand dyed sock yarn. The weft is a Rennie two ply that I had dyed at some point for something else, it was the wrong colour for what I intended it for but just right for this. The fabric is wasted on bags (but still too short for a shawl) so it might sit in a bag for a few months while I try to convince myself that 50″ is a desirable length. In a couple of weeks I might have produced something equally as soft and desirable and a yard longer and then I’ll feel better about this piece being too short.

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  1. Joanna says:

    Could it make a cushion? Soft squashy cushions are nicest to lean against and you would still get to handle and appreciate the fabric up close. The yarns do seem a little special to make bags with and the fabric is a really attractive pattern.

  2. Marjorie says:

    Nice projects. The child’s sweater is my favorite (because I like anything in the red family). The nice part about knitting for kids is that if the garment doesn’t fit just now, you can wait a bit and it will.

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