More of the same, only different

Posted by caroline in doubleweave, Knitting, socks, Weaving on June 19th, 2011

This week sees another set of three finished things, a baby jacket, a pair of cotton socks and a length of fabric. It all seems terribly familiar.

bk2I don’t think I’m stuck in an endless loop with these, admittedly I had started a third one that got as far as the centre back before I ripped it. This is a Baby Kendyl again, in a smaller size, I’ve put the pattern away now so couldn’t say which one I knitted but it looks as if it would fit a 20″ chest. I didn’t do the icord edging on this one, I picked up and knitted along the edges and then immediately cast off. I still like the pattern, the problem with the third one was that it had a unattractive blotchy pooling thing going on with the sleeves. I can cure that by giving the yarn a soak in a dark pink dye bath to even out the colours or I could just weave it. I don’t feel like casting on for another straight away but I’m sure that there are more of these in my future.

pinksocksThese are the next pair of cotton socks, I think I’m done knitting these for a while too. The yarn is Opal Cotton, it was fine although I wasn’t sold on the colours. I should really check out what they look like knitted before I buy the yarn but these don’t live here so it doesn’t really matter. mixedpinksI had planned for the leftovers from these to go into the next Baby Kendyl but as that is not happening at the moment they went into another mixed warp instead. This might be the one that bites me, I used up an aran weight silk single that I had no love for. It’s very soft and fluffy and might not last the course but on the other hand I might just get lucky. There aren’t many ends to replace if it all goes wrong and I was going to throw the silk away anyway so it’s not as if I will have lost anything. (If you think it sounds like I’m getting ready for the silk to fail then you’d be right)

dweavegreenThis week’s big loom weaving was long and green. It’s doubleweave again and looks very similar to the mug rugs because it was tied on to the end of that warp. renniemeshI resleyed it to 10 dpi and when it came off the loom the pale side had obvious reed marks and looked very mesh like. I was fairly confident that it would all come out in the wash, the pale yarn is JC Rennie supersoft and it’s oiled on the cone. After a hot wash with some Fairy the skinny yarn fluffed up, filling in the gaps. The dark green is a two ply handspun, I’d aimed to use it all up to avoid leftovers but I had a third skein hidden away so I could have made a longer warp after all. This means that the next mixed warp may well be green to use up the yarn that I was supposed to be using up with this.

The bag of fabric is not yet full and heaped up to the extent that it topples over so I don’t feel guilty enough to set off making bags. I don’t think I’m very many yards away from that stage although I suppose I could just start packing it into another bag. I have to be in the mood for sewing and it’s not happening often enough.

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    I always enjoy reading about your progress!

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