The future’s white, the future’s orange

Posted by caroline in Knitting, socks, Spinning, Weaving on September 8th, 2011

orangewhite1This photo sums up my week in wool. I’ve finished combing all the Portland and moved onto spinning it. I ended up with 770g of combed top, some I took out to go into breed sampler packs so I have “some” left. When I’ve finished spinning it I’ll know how much that is. I can afford to be relaxed about how much I have because in the garage I have another Portland fleece from the same flock so I can easily say that there is going to be enough even though I still don’t have a clue what I’m going to use it for. The orange fabric is another mobius cowl, the fringe is twisted but it needs a hard wash before it’s ready for a close up . The yarn is the leftovers from that together with a dark Romney lamb/merino two ply and that’s lined up to become another cowl (no surprises there then).

clearanceI’m now on the fourth bobbin of Portland and I thought it would be a good idea to empty a few bobbins in advance of actually needing them. The bobbin that looked to be full of soft fluffy merino was a surprise because under that was a layer of sparkly orange. I plied the merino with itself and the twinkly stuff with some orange and grey that has been sitting on a cardboard tube for over a year and then used the free bobbin to make some beaded yarn for the next cowl. That’s the one at the back, I suspect that yet again I’ve gone down the road of “so subtle I needn’t have bothered”. I’ve never made a beaded yarn before and I’d imagined the beads slipping along the single as I plied. The reality was very different, I had to stop every yard to move the beads along and it was no fun. It does mean that there’s a two year old ball of handspun laceweight (the sample for Maplewing) and a few beads (from the ripping of Iris) that will be transformed into something useful just as soon as it’s dry. Unless it turns out to be spectacular when woven I won’t be making any more.

bucketsThe main colour outside my window at the moment is grey which is why the photos today all needed the flash.  Suddenly we’ve changed to grey, wet and windy weather from sunny spells and relative warmth. I’m hoping that it becomes dry sometime soon because I have two buckets of rainwater and fleece sitting outside. I’m not totally witless, I did look at the weather forecast before I stuck the wool in the bucket and the weather for the following day was supposed to be dry. I’ve now lost track of how many overnights the fleece has been soaking for and I’m sure that the mud will have been thoroughly loosened by the time the weather brightens up enough for me to get to it. It’s not that I can’t dry fleece inside but it’s better off outside so that I don’t have the smell of wet sheep combining with the smell of damp dog. I’m leaving it a bit late in the year for the weather to be anything like reliable which is sad because I have a fleece and a half in the garage.

The sock would look to be identical to the one in the last post if I could find it to take a photo of it. I’ve not knitted one stitch on this sock in a week, not because I can’t find it but because the combination of dark yarn, small needles and a knit/purl pattern does not work well with grey wet days. I’ll give it another week’s grace before deciding whether or not to rip it (assuming that it comes out of hiding) but my knitting time is mainly in the evening and this is about as far from the ideal project as it is possible to get. What was I thinking when I cast it on?

start4I don’t know whether I’ll rip the sock, I don’t know whether the wind and rain will stop for long enough for me to get my fleece dry but I’m certain that this will be finished by next week. There’s a chance that this one will see the end of some of the small balls of yarn that are now leftover from two cowls and two scarves and then I might get to start tidying up another colour.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Finish the sock! It looks like a great pattern. You need one of those daylight lamps – one for Santa’s list perhaps?! :)

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