Blowing in the wind

Posted by caroline in Knitting, Weaving on October 22nd, 2011

blowingIt’s a recurring theme at the moment, I’m repeatedly asking myself why it is that I’m rushed off my feet but I don’t seem to have anything to show for it. This morning when I was asking myself this I looked out of the window and found the answer. For some reason the time spent weaving doesn’t seem to register with me. There are four scarves there and they didn’t weave themselves but in my mind they must have done because I certainly didn’t think about them when listing my week’s achievements. Twisting the fringe takes ages and eats into my evening knitting time but I don’t recognise that it does, I just look around and see that I didn’t do much knitting this week.

shiftmosaicI haven’t done much knitting (see “twisting fringe” above) but I did enough to have a small but finished object. Is it a hood? Is it a cowl? It’s both and neither. I suspect that with a few more buttons it could be a turban-like hat too. The pattern is Shapeshifter, it’s a very simple knit and at a touch over three stitches to the inch a quick one too. The yarn is Mountain Colors 3 ply wool, I used most of one skein in this. It came from a swap on the Spin or Dye Swapping group on Ravelry, the yarn is Targhee and as that’s a sheep we don’t get here that was the only excuse I needed to snatch the yarn. The colourway is “Thunderhead”, it’s got all my favourite colours in there and the good thing is that I have another skein just the same.

dogscaleThe pattern works with any weight of yarn because you start by calculating the stitches you need based on a tension square. I’m not sure that I’d want to be knitting it in a lighter yarn because you end up with a surprisingly large chunk of fabric. I’m very glad that I made it in a bulky yarn rather than reaching for my usual four ply, I’d have been knitting it for weeks while wondering why it is that I don’t seem to finish anything these days.

Next week is half term, if I get anything woolly done I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully I’ll spend some time deciding what to weave next, so far I’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of three. At that point I went all indecisive and wandered off to do the laundry and I never really recovered after that. I think I’ve reached the point where whatever I start, knitting or weaving, I’ll need to rummage in the stash. I did seriously consider sorting through it one day this week, I went upstairs, looked at the boxes then turned around and walked away. One day I’ll feel in the mood for it and then it will get done, until then I’m stuck with working with the yarn that I can see.

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  1. marjorie says:

    I think knitting what you can see is an excellent way to approach your stash. My current method is to pick a box (any box at all) and just select a yarn in it and knit.

    That is an interesting cowl. I enjoy Mountain Colors and have some in my stash too.

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