Wrapping up

Posted by caroline in Knitting, socks on December 24th, 2011

sockpairI don’t get into the Christmas knitting madness, if it’s not finished by July then it doesn’t go on the gift list. I made an exception this year because it’s just socks and I know how fast I can knock a pair out although I didn’t allow for ripping one back to the heel and reknitting it. I think this is some variety of Trekking, again it was a surprise because I was expecting narrow stripes. I deliberately tried not to force them to match, I went as far as starting the second one from the other end of the ball so they would be different. You can see just how well that idea worked out for me.

ribsocksThese are 64 stitch mother socks with a bit of variety in the six by two rib. The first one I made was a little too long in the foot, in addition the pattern ended several inches below the toe and I’d managed to fail to count to twelve and thereby made a pointy heel. I made the second one the right length and moved the pattern and then remade the first to match the second. It just goes to show that lager and heel turns do not mix.

yakmittsFrom one extreme to another, from two day socks to twelve month mittens. I set these aside sometime after Christmas last year, I can’t even remember now whether these are the second or the third pair that I made from this yarn which is a two ply yak plied with a single strand of lurex. When I pulled the second mitt out of the yarn basket I found that the needles were not where I thought they’d be, I was pleased to find that I’d already finished the body of the mitt and picked up for the thumb. All I needed to finish the pair was to knit two half thumbs and sew in a few ends. If I’d known how little there was to do I’d have dug them out and finished them before now. They’ve not been blocked and are somewhat deformed from having spent a year buried under a pile of wool, you can see which one was neatly folded and which one was left with the needles in.

scrapmittsThis is the sum total of my knitting, I’m two thumbs away from having an empty knitting bag. I’ve not run out of yarn yet, there’s a small ball left that is probably enough to finish the thumbs because how much yarn can a thumb take? (Don’t answer that, I want to be pleasantly surprised) It does look like it is possible to make a pair of decent sized mittens from the leftovers from a pair of socks but I’m still making the next pair smaller to reduce the level of suspense. There are more ends than you’d expect because I had to use the small ball that I took out to make the second sock match the first and I split the larger leftover ball into two colours so that it would stripe. Now that I have to sew the extra ends in this is no longer seeming like such a good idea.

dogtreeDon’t tell the dog but he’s not going to be able to play there tomorrow. He’s had his toys under the tree since it went up, the tree skirt has been pulled every which way by someone burying bones under it and the drummers mysteriously fall off the bottom branches every day. There won’t be room for him under there tomorrow but he’ll probably try to squeeze in somewhere.

4 Responses to “Wrapping up”

  1. Laura says:

    My knitting basket is so not empty, in fact, I don’t even have all the random knitting in one place. I perhaps should.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Laurie says:

    Remarkably productive. The engine of more is done! (That is my mantra, and I’m finishing things this winter or bust trying.)

  3. Cynthia says:

    Hey, we have the same drummers! I never thought of putting them on the tree. Does it muffle the sound a bit? They are so loud that we don’t turn them on often.

  4. Sophie says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that lack of dog-space beneath the tree did not cause too much consternation on the Big Day.

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