Leftovers and scraps

Posted by caroline in Family, Knitting, Spinning on January 1st, 2012

dogagainIt turns out that there is still room to fit a dog under the tree after Christmas Day, you just need to pile it up on top of the presents. I think he might be sitting on a box charkha as well as a Lego book, I rescued my fluff from under the tree in case it was scrabbled into but I thought a wooden box would be dog proof. He’s basically a Good Dog now and not much of a chewer but we removed the beef jerky to a place of safety just in case the temptation was too much for him.

rainbowI put the wheel up for a couple of days, just long enough to spin and ply 100g of coloured merino. You can’t see it clearly in the skein but this is a rainbow and I think it will end up as a scarf running red to violet to red across the width. There is a little over 200 yards here, I do have another 200g of fibre but that might well end up being something completely different.

bigmittI’ve spent the last four days knitting thumbs, one a day until I was done. It turned out that with a 72 stitch mitten there wasn’t quite enough yarn left over from a pair of socks to knit two mittens and two thumbs. I could have got a matching pair if I’d split the remaining yarn into the red and the yellow/green multi and then knit the two colours in alternate rounds or I could have knitted a red thumb and a yellow thumb. It was easier to go with option three and find some more leftover sock yarn in a similar colour and make a matching pair with the minimum number of ends.

smallmittIf I make a mitten eight stitches smaller then there is enough yarn left from a pair of socks to make two whole mittens. If I make any more then this is the size I’ll be making, cast on 60 stitches, increase to 64 after the rib and increased to a 24 stitch gore. I had yards of the contrast left, enough for me to not be worried about running out. I’m not sure there will be another pair right away because I didn’t want to face up to the thumbs on these which does not bode well for another pair. The driving force to finish them was that I wanted the darker yarn and couldn’t count it as leftover until I’d finished.

euphreflectThe post with my aims for 2012 will have to wait for another day, I had a late night followed by an early morning and as a result I’m tired rather than reflective today. I think I’ll end with a random selection of photos from the camera card as that doesn’t need me to be coherent (click for bigger photos). legoshipThe card has an assortment of photos of things that don’t belong together, just like the space man at the helm of the “Black Pearl”. volsI wasn’t utterly convinced about the lime working with the smoked salmon. that seemed a bit astropirate as well, but the vol au vents all vanished so I was not able to snag the leftovers for a second taste. (I didn’t make them, my husband isn’t just a sock appreciator, he can bake as well)

In finishing the mittens I successfully emptied the knitting bag for the start of the new year, it’s time now to start filling it up again. Happy New Year to one and all, may your cast ons all be successful. I hope mine are too although experience says that a fair percentage of them will be rippers.

4 Responses to “Leftovers and scraps”

  1. Cynthia says:

    Happy New Year!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Happy New Year! Love the dog photo ;o!

  3. marjorie says:

    Happy New Year to you too.

    You’re a wise woman to build in the need to rip in planning your projects. I never do (the planning part, that is), and I’m always discouraged when I have to start again.

  4. Laurie says:

    Some cool stuff in those pictures The mittens are DONE. At least those mittens are done. Yum on the v-a-v.

    Successful cast-ons, yes, even when plagued by indecision. Mine, not yours.

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