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I don’t do New Year resolutions, if you want to change your life then any day will do, why not pick a day and start rather than waiting for the “right” time. I started with my resolution for 2012 back in December, that’s when I had the idea and it was as good a time to start as any. It came about from poking around in the yarn stash recently. The last time it had a really good clear out was in 2007, since then I’ve bottomed the fibre stash but the yarn has crept away from me. It’s not particularly that I want less, I just want the bottom layer to move along and make space for new and exciting yarn. I have a lot of odd balls and leftovers that are of a useful size and would come in for something but somehow they never do, they just sit there and taunt me. This is the year that some of them leave home, my plan is that 2012g of the older stuff will be used up and moved out by the end of October.

pinkvcowlThis will be part of the January weigh in, it’s another endless cowl from the endless bag of pink. The pink bag has now provided the yarn for two of these and two hats. I’d like to say that there was looking to be less in the bag but that’s just not true. I’ve taken 500g out and there seems to be as much left in there now as there was when I started and I’m pretty sure that there’s been no-one adding to the bag. I hope when I’ve made another cowl the bag will suddenly reach that tipping point and move from “full” to “not enough”.

brownsocksThese look like scrap socks and they should have been given that the sock scraps bag is taking up most of one storage box. The reality is that I started with two 50g balls of Regia, took an instant dislike to the cuff and brought in a plain ball of Trekking to break up the pattern. There will be a lot of leftovers from 200g of sock yarn but I want brown scraps for the next project so it’s not as bad as it sounds. I would have cast on Project Scrapeater by now but when I worked out the number of stitches to cast on and it came to more than three hundred I had second thoughts, especially as I wanted two matching pieces so would be casting on 600 stitches. I’m making excuses (can’t find the right needle, need to wait for more brown scraps) but the real reason is I don’t feel up to facing those long rows. I’ve lost the bit of paper now with the drawing and calculations so I can put off starting for a little longer especially as the socks are photographed against the background of the poorly blanket. The dog is fine, everyone else has some variety of lurgy.

The weigh in for December was 366g, made up of one woven scarf (150g), two hats (170g) and one pair of mittens (46g). It’s a good start, let’s see if I can keep it up until I hit 2012.

PS It was a good job I lost the piece of paper with the pattern notes on otherwise I would have been casting on twice the number of stitches that I needed on the brown scrap eater.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Happy new year! And good luck with your “not new year” resolution ;o

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