Weaving week

Posted by caroline in Knitting, Spinning, Stashbash, Weaving on January 22nd, 2012

birdseyeregiaThis was the week where the leftover yarn hit the loom multiple times. The first scarf was a variety of pale sock yarn leftovers and it was let down by my choice of weft. headerI’d woven the header with some navy that was left on a bobbin and that was what I should have stuck with but that meant going upstairs and finding the rest of the cone. The alternative to this was stretching out my hand and picking up a ball of leftover Regia sock yarn left over from weaving a ruffle scarf and so I took the easier option, telling myself that it was the better solution because it used more leftovers. It wasn’t, I don’t like the colour changes all that much and the navy looked better against the warp.

redscrapscarf2For the next scarf I’d learned my lesson and made a massive investment of time in that I walked upstairs, opened the wardrobe door and took out the cone of navy yarn. It was a detour of a less than a minute when I was upstairs putting the ironing away and the result is that I like this one much better with the dark solid weft. The warp is a leftover ball of Wendy Happy, the leftovers from the first Baby Kendyl and two balls of mystery yarn. The Happy has added the odd white streak which I rather like. It’s the same threading and tie up as the one above, just a different treadling. I think this used about 90g of warp yarn, there was still a fair amount of some of the yarns leftover so I found some more red and wound another warp.

ff1This was also the week when I saw the end of the fun fur. I do now remember what it was that I originally bought it for, after I bought my rigid heddle loom I bought two balls of eyelash yarn because I thought they’d look good woven. I used it in an early scarf and then forgot all about it. That’s how the stash grows, buy two balls, use half of one and then put the rest away “for later”. The yarn police no doubt have a rule about never mixing handspun and eyelash yarn but it’s my yarn, I spun it and I’ll do what I like with it. For the record, making a twisted fringe with eyelash is about as bad as it gets and I’m planning on never doing it again. There was a yard or two left but I was ruthless and put the odd bit in the bin.

2piecebYou will be imagining that I am spending every waking minute weaving (I wish) but I do have slightly more of a well rounded wool obsession than that. I’ve been knitting and spinning too, it’s just that the weaving is the only thing I finished this week. The baby jacket needs a bit of seaming up, some sort of an edging and buttons. That’s several months work there, six weeks of avoidance followed by two evening’s work. rugwoolThe yarn is made from the skunk tails that I carded before Christmas, I said that I was going to work out how much I needed for a rug and spin just enough. I decided that involved too much estimation of unknowns so I’m spinning it all and the leftovers can become future stripes. There was 530g when I started, I think I’ll end up with about 400 yards of really thick yarn when I’m done. I like the way that the white streaks ended up, I have a bag of mule fleece and another coloured Ryeland fleece and I think I’ll do the same with those. The yarn would be much lighter but I should still get that streaky look.

(I used to have an Etsy link in the sidebar but I took it out for some good reason that escapes me now, anyone who wants to relieve me of a scarf should look here.)

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  1. Laurie says:

    Yes on all fronts. (For once I agree with your usually harsh assessment of what you’ve done, but this time, you weren’t harsh.) That skunk yarn is really pretty. Before you said you liked the white, I thought, gee, nice way the white comes out!

    Too much laughter here on the fun fur fringe. Sorry.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I agree on the striped vs navy weft. I like striped yarns in the warp but in the weft it’s usually not as nice.

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