I believe

Posted by caroline in Dyeing, Knitting, Stashbash on August 10th, 2012

I do not believe in walking trees, talking cows or flying cars. I don’t believe in magic sacks that fill with whatever the holder is thinking of or enchanted bottles of oil from which gallons can be poured without the liquid level dropping. This means that I have to believe that one day I will work my way down through the bag of sock scraps because it is not possible that it is filling itself by magical means. I keep rummaging through it and pulling out scraps of similar colours and knitting them into a baby jacket. A big heap of scraps comes out and a few small balls go back. Each little jacket takes over 120g of yarn which is about the same as the leftovers from four pairs of socks. Intellectually I know that I must be gaining on it but I can’t see any signs of it happening.

This is another 120g of sock scraps. I should say that I don’t knit as many pink socks as it might appear, the various yarns all started off as fairly light colours and went into the same pink dyebath. I have knitted something in this shape before, it was the little jacket that started my current obsession with two piece baby jackets. The last one I made came out of my head but this one is someone else’s design. It’s Ulina, a free pattern in one size. It starts with a lot of stitches and decreases merrily away until you work down the sleeves and cast off at the cuff.

I knitted it more or less as written, I started with a provisional cast on because I knew that I would finish with a brown edging all around the body, the provisional cast on meant that the stitches along the bottom of the back and up the front edges were waiting for me. After I’d knitted an inch or so of the first side I undid the provisional cast on that ran up the back and started knitting the second side outwards from the cast on at the centre back. Knitting both sides at the same time made it easier to keep track of the stripes and that narrow brown stripe was handy as a counting aid.

I did change the collar slightly because I wanted a sloping edge rather than a right angle. One side came out perfectly and the other failed to meet expectations. If I make it again I’ll move the buttonholes so that the first one falls just under the collar rather than in the collar because then I’ll not have the short rows fighting with the buttonhole. There again if I make it again I’ll probably drop the neckline because it’s not easy finding buttonholes under a double chin. My top button doesn’t line up with the others, I should have ripped and reknit but I was done with it by that stage.

I had thought that the next little jacket would be blue but it looks as if there’s enough pink left for at least two more. Whether I fancy knitting two more is another question altogether.


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  1. Christie says:

    That is CUTE. (possibly even kyuuuute) Do you always dye the yarn, or do you sometimes drop a whole FO into a dye bath?

  2. Laurie says:

    Very cute! Said out of line button will be hid by said double chin.

  3. Carolyn says:

    I love the result every time you knit this. It really is a VERY cute pattern.

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