Who me?

Posted by caroline in on November 14th, 2010

I used to have a highly paid, highly pressured job as an accountant where no part of my day was ever spent thinking about wool (mostly because I was a quilter then). I am now a mummy-at-home, a job for which I seem sometimes woefully unqualified. The organisation of the plastic toy mountain defeats me, I am incapable of ever finding the right batteries and I don’t always sort the white laundry from the colours. I make a mean pair of socks though.

I learned to spin in the autumn of 2005 just so I could knit socks with long colour runs because there was no commercial sock yarn that did that at the time. Now there’s plenty of it about so I spend my time spinning other things. I dye my own fibre and yarn and although I’m not yet at the stage where I always get what I plan it works out happily most of the time. I sell the prettier looking stuff on Etsy and keep the dyeing mistakes for myself.

I like spinning and I can make yarn much faster than I can knit it so I suppose weaving it was the logical next step. I bought a rigid heddle loom in March 2009 and it all went downhill from there. I currently have an eight shaft floor loom in the dining room, it’s surprising what you can fit into a tight space when you’re really determined.

I keep four pairs of feet in handknitted socks and as a result spend a lot of time battling with the heap of sock yarn leftovers.

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