Where did I put that?

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, sewing, socks, sweaters, Weaving on February 3rd, 2014

Somewhere in the house is a clear plastic bag with a dozen magnetic bag fasteners in it. I’ve always kept them with the buttons but recently I took them out to show them to someone and then decided that the button tin was a silly place to keep them and it would be much more sensible to put them …. well that’s the problem isn’t it? When I find my new and improved hiding storage place I’ll be able to really finish this laptop bag (click on the photos for larger ones). This is a replacement for the one that I made nearly four years ago, I’ve been promising to make another ever since the husband got a new and smaller Mac but it became more urgent after I set fire to the old case. That sounds extreme and it was. I caught it before it got as far as flames but it was headed that way, the wool layer had altogether scorched away and the cotton batting was toasty and brown. Wool doesn’t burn but cotton certainly  does. I didn’t mean to set it on fire, I was using the case to stop the floor lamp from singing in sympathy throughout my son’s music practise and I forgot about it then turned the light on. The smell should have been a giveaway but it took time to eliminate the dog as the source. I’m not likely to make the same mistake again but, just in case, this one is wool all the way thorough, instead of a layer of cotton batting on the inside I used a second layer of the wool fabric.

There’s less knitting than there should be because I’ve got new contact lenses and they are next to useless so I’m spending three hours a day with poor vision. I’ve been waiting for my sight to magically resolve but I am now suspecting that the lenses don’t fit and that I’ve been torturing myself unnecessarily. When I’ve been able to see I’ve been knitting the blue and white tube. My unbounded love for it faded a little when I got to the neck shaping because knitting in rows with one row colour changes makes for far too many ends. It would have been nice if I could have avoided it by knitting/purling from the other end of the circular needle but the need to cast off at the neck edge meant that was a non starter. Grumble, mutter. At the same time as I was grumbling through the one row colour changes at the neck edge I also had – surprise – one row colour changes at the sleeve cuff. I cheated on the cuff in an attempt to reduce the number of ends and with any luck I’ll managed to repeat in on the second one. If I knit this again I’ll try to stagger the grumbling sections because at that point there was no fun to be had in the knitting bag (yes, I have socks on the side, they are plain black, point made). There is a left and a right sleeve because after I’ve sorted out all those ends there will be a dinky little cuff that fastens with a button.

(ETA I was right, the contact lenses didn’t fit so it’s back to glasses for now)

Updated vintage coat

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, socks, sweaters on January 29th, 2014

This booklet is showing its age, although it’s been stuck together multiple times the middle pages are still falling out. There’s no date on “First Woollies” but as my mother says that I had multiple items knitted from it then it seems fair to assume that it dates from the early 1960s. The original pattern is a single size 17-19″ chest, everything in the booklet is in this one size which isn’t surprising seeing as the subtitle is “knitting for the first six months”. It uses Patons Beehive Baby Wool and there are no prizes for guessing that this yarn is now discontinued but at eight stitches per inch sock yarn would look to be a good substitute. It’s a three part set of dress, coat and bootees but I think I’m stopping at the coat. The bottom edges start with a hem, it’s knitted upwards and then the sleeves are joined into the joke. I superimposing the eyelet pattern onto a multi-sized modern pattern of similar construction because I originally intended to make it in a larger size but then the reality of inches of plain stockinette in plain white hit home and I saw sense and made it in the 18″ size. It still needs a wave of the steam iron now that I’ve sewn the seams up but that will wait until the day when it’s leaving home. I seem to have solved my button buying problems – the trick is to go somewhere with a tiny selection so that I have a choice of two, one of which is a funny colour.

My inner knitter started to complain when I started the last pattern on the body of the baby Sirdal, she was very unhappy that I had missed dividing for the sleeves and kept trying to tell me that it was “long enough”. This is the first garment I’ve knitted where the back and front are knitted as one all the way to the shoulder, the openings for the sleeves are cut into the tube once you’ve knitted the sleeves and know how wide they are. I know that to be true but it still felt wrong, as I was looking at it I could see when the height was right for the width and where the sleeve opening needed to start. I’m well past that point now and so my inner knitter has stopped nagging me. It helped that I gave her something else to think about, when I came to work the larger pattern I found that it wouldn’t fit. I had six inches of perfectly good knitting that was two stitches short of being right. To be honest I never considered ripping it back, one stitch each side is not going to make a deal of difference and I can always make the front bands that little bit wider. Having established what the problem was it was easy to fiddle the pattern to fit the space I had.

The scrap socks are done, I got a bit more variety out of the remaining yarns by throwing them into some dark green dye. There is still some green left but not enough for another pair of socks. These are the second pair into the pile for Christmas 2014 although they might not make it to December seeing as there is a birthday before then. They are not the most exciting socks I’ve ever knitted, they won’t win any prizes for design but they fit and they will make another pair in the sock drawer. I think the next pair will be another pair of school socks with black cuffs, I keep making them but what I see on his feet is usually the most recent pair that I finished. What he does with the others I do not know, I’m hoping that in his wardrobe there is a shelf of carefully matched pairs of socks hidden under some other item of clothing. I don’t want to check to see if this is the case just in case it isn’t.


Finished and still finishing

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, sweaters on January 24th, 2014

I did make a last minute attempt at finishing the all white baby jacket so I could show it to the blog but I ran out of daylight with one sleeve to go. I’m not promising that it will make an appearance next week, although there’s only one little sleeve seam to sew it I’d forgotten that it also needs three buttons and I have a track record of button purchase procrastination. It’s a March baby so there’s plenty of time yet so I can spend a month dithering over buttons (and believe me, I CAN spend a month dithering about buttons). I was going to make a bonnet to go with it but I can’t remember the last time I saw a baby in a bonnet so I think I’ll save my knitting for something that stands a chance of being worn.

I finished the cowl earlier this week, it wasn’t that taxing as all it involved was blocking and the sewing in of a couple of ends. This is another Ice Queen which means that the first one that I made can have some time off. I have a couple of sweaters that have an open neck and at this time of year they really need that big gap filling in with something warm and woolly. The yarn was an oddment of superwash bfl fibre that came to me in gold and white, I spun it and dyed the resulting yarn brown. There’s a photo of the original yarn here, I don’t think that I need to tell you that it’s the one on the left. The beads were leftovers from a sock yarn Ophidian and there were still a few dozen left when I ran out of yarn. For something cobbled together from leftovers it’s come out very well. I have been wearing it all week and I’ll probably be wearing it all through to Spring.

I finished the warp that I wound in October. It was a joy to weave, no doubt due to the newly installed sectional warp beam. I think this needs to become a laptop case to replace the one that I tried to set fire to and then the rest of the length can be what it was originally planned to be which was bags. I’m not so sure about that now that I can feel it, it seems a bit of a waste of something that is so soft and squidgy. The dark brown warp was JC Rennie 2/11.3, sett at 18 epi and the white is an unnamed wool/cotton mix that I have a huge cone of. I did think about preserving the threading and making a scarf but although the pattern was interesting it wasn’t interesting enough to want to sit through another two yards of it.

A substantial part of my knitting time has been spent reading because the combination of an ereader and the County ebook catalogue is either fantastic or a major timesuck, depending on how you look at it. I can have five books at a time and I don’t need to leave the house to get them or take them back. This tiny sweater is where my non-reading free time has been going this week because it’s interesting and a long way away from needing any finishing. The photo doesn’t show it but there’s a bit of colour variation in the blue, enough to make the solid sections interesting without taking away from the pattern. So far the pattern has been mindless although I’m coming up to the point where there’s a chart that I have to look at and as a result it might have to be dropped from the evening (tv) knitting line up. I’m on the second ball of Tardis blue, I alternated rounds from the old ball and the new when I got towards the end of the first ball just in case there was a noticeable colour change. There wasn’t, that was a total waste of time and I shan’t bother doing it again. I will confess that I haven’t read all the way through the pattern, I have no idea how Dale handle facings so there’s a little bit of mystery about the finishing. Right now I am doing what I’m told and just following the chart, reading along and not spoiling the surprise by checking what happens at the end. I know there’s a plot twist involving scissors, it’s what happens after the stitch massacre that I’m unsure of as there are several different possible ways of wrapping it up. Don’t tell me the ending – I’m enjoying the suspense.


Not just socks

Posted by Caroline in Knitting on January 17th, 2014

The jigsaw is finished and although we have another one lined up it is only half the size so it should whizz along. I’ve still not blocked the white baby jacket, at some point I’ll feel like it but I know that after I’ve blocked it I’ll have no excuse for not sewing up the sleeve seams and that’s not a job that’s calling to me just now. Mending socks was another thing that was not calling me but seeing as I put my toes through three pairs this week it was something that could wait no longer. I found matching yarn for the toes of the first pair, on closer examination the second pair proved to be thin on the heel and also on the ball of the foot so they went in the bin. The third pair are going to have bright yellow toes as that was the first ball of sock yarn I found that looked big enough. I don’t care what they look like as long as they fit, once I have my boots on no-one will able to judge me for having unmatched toes.

Last time I said that I had new knitting and I do, it’s just not the same knitting that I started last week. I was expecting by now to be able to show you a well advanced Christmas stocking in red and white. That went back to yarn after I had ripped it back twice, the two colours of yarn worked well together but the white was slightly thicker than the red and the resulting fabric wasn’t right. The yarn is now back in the drawer and the project officially abandoned. After that we had a night with frost and that made me think of mittens so I bought the pattern for the Deep in the Forest mittens which has been in my Ravelry queue for over four years. That failed when I couldn’t find a perfect suitable pair of yarns for it. That’s now sidelined until I get tired of my search for that elusive complimentary combination of yarns and I settle for throwing any old things together. I moved on to a set of musical mittens, Etude is another pattern that’s been in my queue for months (I can’t find a non-Rav link for that – sorry). I didn’t predict any troubles with the yarn, it’s fingering in black and white so doesn’t offer much opportunity for my perfectionism to take hold. What did trip me up is that it’s a 60 stitch one size pattern and the only way I’ll get that to fit is by making sacrifices with the fabric. I know that a mitten of 72 stitches around with 2.75mm needles and sock yarn gets me something that fits with a fabric that I like for mittens. I either need to find some thicker yarn or amend the pattern and I’m not committed enough to do either (not this week anyway).

Luckily I did have some socks to be working on while I was spending last week ripping, turning out the yarn drawer and buying one pattern after another. This is (obviously) another pair of scrap socks, this time entirely from the bag of green bits that I’d gathered together at some point with the intention of knitting a baby jacket. I don’t like these socks as much as the bright ones with the black stripes, I think the contrast stripe running from cuff to toe unifies the whole thing. It would have been easy to add a darker stripe to these but that would have meant going upstairs and poking about in the yarn drawer again and to be honest I’d had quite enough of that last week. All I wanted was something straightforward to be getting on with while I watched the television in the evenings. They’re going to get even plainer more straightforward before I get to the toe because the three balls of yarn I have left are all very similar shades of olive green.

I did eventually manage to break out from my recent run of sock-only knitting. This is the start of a baby Sirdal in Tardis blue, I’m going to be using an undyed yarn for contrast. I’ve had the pattern for some time and I forget now why it was that I didn’t start it when I bought it. It’s not gone wrong yet apart from me starting off in the wrong colour. The light squares on the chart are the background colour and that is the dark yarn. I knew this really but I didn’t think about it until I hit the first pattern row and realised that I’d knitted the facing and the start of the body in the contrast colour. I’m hopeful that this project will be the one that will stay the course and it might do because the big thing in its favour is the colour. I have a thing for blue at the moment, I’ve dyed two lengths of superwash bfl in dark blue/really dark blue and a little white and the more that I look at them the more I think that this could be the solution to the Night in the Forest mittens – a dark blue nearly solid background to some pearl grey trees. I’m not convinced but it’s something to be thinking about while I trundle up the body of the little sweater.

Catching up

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Happy New Year to one and all. I usually start a blog post by looking at the camera card because the photos serve as a reminder of what I’ve been up to. I can’t do that today because the camera spent all of Christmas sulking in a corner muttering about its card being full. This means there are no photos of the mini bagels (yes, I remembered the salt the second time), the mini pork pies or the second pair of socks that I finished in time to go under the tree. The third pair of socks managed to work their way into service before I got the camera sorted out but the fourth pair are still in pristine condition. I used exactly 25g of a ball of black, the rest of the yarns are leftovers from other socks.

I still haven’t blocked the baby jacket and cowl, my blocking surface has been full of freshly laundered sweaters so that will have to wait another week. My big job this week was sorting the loom out, I wound this warp in October which is so long ago that I was bored with it before I started. The big delay was down to ordering then fixing the sectional rakes on the loom and then of course the tree went up and everything stopped for Christmas. All my threading errors are on the left hand side so I can only assume that I got giddy when I passed the half way mark and carried on past the time when I could actually see. The woven part that you can see here has now gone, there was so much wrong with it that it was easier to cut it out and start again. I started off wondering why it was that the pattern wasn’t emerging, it turned out that I’d changed my mind about what I was going to weave so what was in my mind wasn’t what I’d threaded but in addition I’d written the treadling down wrong. When I got the pattern established I managed to ignore the odd looking sections by telling myself that they were reed marks and they’d wash out. This would have been more convincing if I hadn’t had some ends left over after I’d finished threading. That strongly suggests that somewhere along the line I’d missed a heddle or four and when I looked closer in better light I could see that my “reed marks” were never going to wash out. It’s all fixed now which means I can get to planning the next piece.

This is the other major call on my time, a minute here, a couple of pieces there, it all adds up. Looking back it was unbelievably optimistic of me to think that we would finish this in the time between Christmas and New Year. We don’t usually tackle a jigsaw with this many pieces and it just about fills the breakfast bar which means that it’s tricky to see the pieces because you have nowhere to put them. I think we’re over half way there now and I’m at the stage where every time I look at it I see a piece and recognise exactly where it needs to go. Earlier in the week I did suggest that what we needed most was a jigsaw hammer but I think we will get it finished without that.

I have new knitting and I maybe need to tell you about setting my husband’s laptop case on fire (that’s a slight exaggeration because we all know that wool doesn’t burn but I’d scorched through to the cotton batting before I caught it so flames were on the menu). That will have to wait for another day as I the light has already started to dim and I have some close work to do. I deleted the next several hundred words moaning about the short days and the gloomy grey light because I could be dealing with a flooded house in poor light so my inability to see to thread a needle doesn’t really warrant a moan.




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I’m convinced that there’s something significant that I’ve forgotten because there doesn’t seem to be anything to panic about. All the gift knitting is finished and wrapped (more about that in a moment) and the food shopping is all ticked off (with the exception of the pig’s trotters and packet gelatine will sub for those). There were no last minute parcel deliveries, no running out of sticky tape or wrapping paper although there was one present that had to be returned, much to my disappointment.  I’m trying to look at that as a win because if something is too small then I’d rather know that before Christmas so I can send it back and not have it appear under the tree.  Even the bagel failure didn’t matter because I was making them ten days in advance so I have plenty of time to bake them again, next time I’ll try hard to put the salt in. I’ll also be making the bite sized ones smaller because I tested one or two and they were definitely three bite bagels.

It turned out that I was knitting solstice socks, I finished them on the Saturday and dyed them on the Sunday. The yarn came out of the scrap bag as daffodil yellow and I dyed it a bee-gold, intending to knit bees into the foot. My second idea was to duplicate stitch “Bees?” on one sock and “No” on the other so it would make sense whichever foot he had the words on. I then realised that I had no time for faffing about and I’d just aim for getting them finished and wrapped. I really didn’t like the yellow as I was knitting it so seeing as I had the time I overdyed the finished sock. I tried to get fancy and have them change colour towards the toe and that sort of worked but not exactly as I’d planned. They are a brighter colour than they were, finished and dry so I’ll settle with that. If anyone is wondering about my colour choices – they meet the uniform requirement of plain black socks without being as mind numbingly boring as fully plain black socks would be.

I hope you all spend tomorrow with delightful company, perfectly cooked turkey and batteries in all the right sizes.

Best wishes,





A moment of peace

Posted by Caroline in Knitting on December 19th, 2013

All of last week I was convinced that it was Christmas this week. That turned out to be a good thing because I got so much done last week that I’m now all wrapped up. That means that I am remaining calm in the face of the impending festivities even though I’m now tied to three lists, one for Christmas Day (food and food related tasks), one for New Year’s Eve (more food stuff) and the usual list of chores. “Block knitting” does not feature on any of them, the little white jacket is finished but it’s missed its chance of blocking for this year. The spare bedroom door was stacked full of decoration boxes and by the time they went back up in the loft and I could get to my blocking surface it was just too late. As you may have noticed there is now less than a week to turkey time and I’ve reached the stage where anything that can wait until after Christmas is being ruthlessly ignored. The day after I cast it off someone asked me if I could knit them a white “traditional looking” baby jacket  so as soon as it has buttons on it can leave the house. If they are very lucky they might get bootees as well.

I went straight from having no knitting to having three projects cast on. Last week went by in a blur of carpet cleaning, tree decorating, settee refurbishing, breadmaking, cushion cover creation and massive amounts of tiding up. While I was tidying out the wool basket, putting away the odd balls of wool and needles that accumulate there, I found a ball of wool and two sets of matching beads so instead of putting those away I put them on the needles for another Ice Queen. I don’t know how much yarn I have and I didn’t count the beads so at some point I may need to get the scales out to make sure I leave enough yarn for the cast off. Beads aren’t good for travelling knitting so when I needed to sit on the sidelines for an hour’s music lesson I took a set of needles and a ball of sock yarn then when I got home it seemed a good idea to cast on for another pair of socks as well. It does seem a bit ambitious trying for two pairs of socks between now and next week but I should get one of them finished at least. I am ignoring the fact that one pair is black, providing I can pick up around the heel flap in daylight I don’t really need to see for the rest. There are no photos of the socks because if I manage to get them finished, wrapped and under the tree they will be a surprise. I’ll certainly be surprised.

The dog has moved into his seasonal napping spot. The tree skirt is folded over because he’s been burying dog biscuits underneath it but for some reason he needs human intervention to retrieve them. I am well trained, he sits there and breathes at me while he shuffles from one paw to another and that’s my clue to come and find the biscuit. It’s not as if I have anything else to do this week, there’s the cranberry sauce and the pigs in blankets to be getting on with as well as that two pairs of socks I should be knitting but that has to be dropped in favour of scrabbling round under the tree looking for hidden treats. Even though he keeps interrupting my preparations I’m considering stretching to a third present this year and replacing that plant pot that he kills every night.

In less than an hour the school bus will come for the last time this year, two hours after that will see my husband starting his holidays so this is the last hour of normal activity before I start the run in to Christmas and the New Year. I’ve just sat with a cup of tea and a moment of reflection and as a result added three more things to my to do list.


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I thought that I was going to be so short of something to write about this week that I would have to resort to photos of cute dogs. It was going to be that or showing you under my sink but I knuckled down last night and worked out the yoke decreases so that I could start (or finish) the cream baby jacket that’s been on the needles for weeks. I’m overlaying the lace part on another pattern and the original decreases wouldn’t have worked with an eight row pattern repeat. It took me less than two minutes to work out and I’ve been putting it off for weeks. Knitting came to a crashing stop last night when I realised that it was time to start the buttonholes and I hadn’t so I have to drop a couple of stitches down to make a hole in the button band level with the holes in the body. This should race along now, I’m decreasing every eight rows and the neckline is in sight. It’s also the only knitting that I have so the lack of competition should ensure a fast finish.

I’ve looked around and that’s all I have to show for my week, the time I’ve spent on threading the loom has produced remarkably uninteresting results and I’m still not half way across. I’m hoping that I manage to hit the halfway mark later today and then I can convince myself that it’s all downhill from there. I’ve lost two days from this week, Monday was given over to unpacking and laundry after a weekend away and Tuesday saw the return of the plumber. I had to clear out the cupboard under the sink and then put it all back again and I’m left wondering why it is that I have two tins of Brasso and two tins of silver polish when I don’t have anything to polish. You might think that you could be able to infer something about a life from the cleaning products under my sink but I’m not sure whose life that would be, not mine at any rate.

Seriously – I have nothing this week, so have this morning’s dog shot. The blue is surplus PE kit, today’s lesson is inside so he didn’t need the hoodie but the dog apparently did.



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I was trying to work out how it is that I’ve been knitting these gloves for a week without them being finished yet and then I realised that although I’ve been knitting gloves for all of that time they’ve not all been these particular gloves. Last week I needed some round and round knitting to take my mind off things, I decided on gloves because my hands are cold in the mornings, found some suitable yarn (Apple Laine Apple Pie in Godiva) and needles and cast on. That is of course where it all went wrong because scarves and dish clothes are more suited to thoughtless knitting than gloves are. Scarves can be just about any size but gloves need to be sized to fit the hand that wears them. I knitted 3″ of cuff before accepting that the glove was going to be way too big and I ripped it back. I cast on again with fewer stitches but still no consideration as to tension and hand size so it wasn’t that surprising that when I tried on version two it was still somewhat generous in size. Some knitters may have concluded that it was too big but I convinced myself that it was nothing that a bowl of hot water wouldn’t cure so I could keep on knitting. The next morning I started the second glove because again I needed a distraction although I didn’t get very far because I was sitting in the car and my hands were so cold that I couldn’t hold the needles. When I came to start the fingers I was passed the stage of needing soothing knitting and I had plenty of time to think so I took a note of what my stitches per inch actually was, measured my hand, ripped both gloves out and started for the third time. I regret nothing.

These are the keepers, I’ve lost track of how many fingers I’ve knitted but it’s several more than there are now, I’ve shortened some, narrowed others and generally fiddled with them in an attempt to create the perfect dog walking glove. I am currently short of a pinkie and two thumbs so they should be finished for tomorrow morning’s walk. They never will be perfect – dog walking gloves should not be leaf coloured so that you have a fighting chance of finding one if you drop it. I’ve been knitting these now for long enough that I’ll settle for them being finished rather than perfect. It is time to move on.

I had a few hiccups with this warp. I wound it back in October and fortunately made a full page of notes that told me how many ends I needed, how many I’d wound in each bout and what I intended to do with it. I’ve had too much on my mind to think about weaving so the wound warp has been sitting in a bag until the magic time of “after Thursday”. When I came to get it out I found that somehow I had only half of the number of ends that I needed. That’s a big mistake, even for me, and I couldn’t work out what was wrong. It came to me eventually that I’d wound the warp with a cross at both ends intending to cut it in half but I’d packed it away without cutting it. By the time I’d worked this out I’d come up with plan B which was a different design altogether and worked better with the narrower fabric that I thought I’d be making. I’m quite sad to see plan B go so that might be coming up next. This is a four yard warp, it should fly once I get moving on it but at the moment it is having to compete with the backlog of other things that also have been waiting until “after Thursday”. It’s time will come but at my current rate of threading that won’t be much before this time next week. I will confess that this is the prettiest shot I could find, the other side is a mess of masking tape that’s keeping all the ends in order.


Is it Friday yet?

Posted by Caroline in Knitting, socks on November 20th, 2013

This is the end of my current round and round knitting, it’s all I’ve been good for this week because I’ve been too busy fretting about real life to have any time left over for thinking about anything else. These are husband socks, I had thought to aim them at my son but it seems that his feet are now too big for my standard 72 stitch sock. He either needs a heel worked over more than half of the stitches or simply more stitches because when he came to try it on it was straining over the instep and as I was already at the toe it was easier to give them to someone with smaller feet. The baby jacket is sidelined because it is at the point where I should be uniting the sleeves with the body and starting on the yoke. This needs me to calculate the yoke decreases so that they work with the pattern I’m using and that won’t be happening until next week. There’s a lot of things on hold until the magic time of “after Thursday” and all knitting that needs any thought will be happening after then. My Christmas shopping also starts after Thursday as does preparing for a weekend away and threading the loom.

I’ll leave you with a quick trip down memory lane as that needs one photo and no thinking. I believe this to be the oldest thing that I’ve knitted that is still being worn. You can see that it is a product of my early knitting because it’s in the same colour as the pattern and more than likely I made it in the recommended yarn too. I remember that it took a lot of balls of yarn and that’s because it was sold in 20g balls. Looking back, that seems very strange, it was just a plain old double knit so anything smaller than a 50g ball would be very odd now. I suppose the fact that there is a pattern and I stuck to it also marks it as being not that recent. I knitted this bed jacket for my mother somewhere around 1980, it might have been slightly earlier but it can’t have been much later. Even though I made it thirty years ago I still remember the horror that I felt when I came to wrap it up and saw that I’d made a mistake in the pattern, before I got it out to take this photo I knew that it would be on the collar on the right as I looked at it. I could see myself frozen in the act of wrapping, poking at the unwanted yarnover and trying to convince myself that it would be fine to just leave it. It wasn’t as if I had any other option, it was a Christmas gift and I didn’t have the time to fix it properly or the experience to fix it quickly so I left it and needless to say it has bugged me to this day. The yarnover is still in the wrong place but the more mature me thinks that it’s not all that noticeable and it is certainly not the glaring mistake that I remembered it to be. It’s taken me a while to reach acceptance but here it is at last.

There seems to be some sort of lesson there about avoiding perfectionism, not getting hung up on small things and living with “good enough will do” but no, it’s just slipped away from me.