Knitting, blah

Posted by caroline in doubleweave, Family, Weaving on May 4th, 2012

I think I may be starting my summer knitting slump even though it’s still the right weather for hats and gloves and I’m wearing socks every day. Nothing in my five page queue of projects really grabs me, there’s nothing that’s shouting “knit me now”, not even anything that is whispering “hello”. I’m not worried about this because I know it will pass and in the meantime there’s always lace to be knitted and given away.

I do have some non-wool interests although admittedly probably not as many as a well rounded individual should demonstrate. Exhibit A is my husband’s birthday cake from earlier in the week, there’s a fruit cake hiding under the icing that’s been maturing in greaseproof paper for the last two months. The little man would have been hammering the letters into place if we could have found a hammer, as it was a wrench had to do. I also found the time to use up some of the egg whites from the freezer and the first rhubarb from the garden by making some friands. The recipe would have you put some of the rhubarb in the middle and a bit on top which sounds delicious. The little problem with that is that the fruit layer made a fault line through the middle so when I turned them out the bottom part stuck in the pan. I had three whole friands out of the tray of eight, I won’t be doing that again. (Yes, I had brushed the tin with melted butter and yes, I did leave them to set a while in the tin before I attempted to get them out)

The purple and grey wool from last time spun itself and then threw itself onto the loom. I dyed the sock yarn that was left over from the run of baby jackets, it ended up a lovely rich aubergine with subtle shading that you can’t see now. It would have looked lovely as socks though and I’m telling myself that I can always make more. Some of the light part of the scarf is grey, some light purple and some purple/grey, the shrieking gold is happily not much in evidence. In a good light the light grey trilobal nylon makes the yarn look metallic silver but you’ll have to take my word for that because it’s raining and good light is in short supply. There is plenty of the pale yarn left for another scarf but very little of the sock yarn so the leftovers are going in the leftover bag and I’ve moved on to something else.

The something else is black and white and is currently stubbornly refusing to thread itself. I’ve counted out the heddles ready to go and I’m waiting to walk past it and find it sitting there, done. At some point I’ll pull up a chair and a cup of tea and see how many I can thread before I get so bored that I mess up counting to four.